“Shao Di, you can’t do that!” Somebody stopped them in midair.

Gu Yunjing looked at him. “Ouyang Yin, are you telling me what to do?”

“I dare not. However, as Gu Bailu’s teacher, I must say that what happened today was her first lesson.”

“What are you suggesting?”

“They were just helping me with my lesson, and shouldn’t be punished. You can punish me if you think it was inappropriate.”

Gu Bailu blinked and looked at the silver-haired man.

He wasn’t exactly handsome, and his long hair, randomly tied up, reached his ankles.

He was wearing a loose robe, which exposed most of his upper body muscles.

He was dark and had a huge beard, which made him look like a disheveled homeless guy.

He claimed that he was her teacher?

Yet he had offered her such a life-blighting gift.

She really wanted to kick this teacher into outer space.

“I asked you to teach her, not kill her. Since you can still teach her, you’re spared. The others can’t be forgiven.”

Gu Yunjing was determined.

Cloud Mirror Academy was never short of applicants. It could always admit more.

Even the greatest geniuses had to be polished. Those people might challenge him later if they remained here.

“Shao Di, if they’re disabled, their families will complain. I’m afraid…”

“Say no more. You’re only excused for now. Remember, she’s your disciple. You’re meant to help her grow, not hurt her.”

Gu Bailu gave the order and dismissed the man, before he brought Gu Bailu to the main peak.

A waterfall flowed from the peak as sunlight poured through the clouds to raise a colorful mist on it.

A palace made of jade stood on the peak. It was decorated in Shao Di’s unique and fancy style.

“So, I’m going to be taught by that person in the future?”

Of course, Gu Bailu didn’t like such a mean master.

However, Shao Di appeared to trust him. He had spared the man despite the man’s words.

“He’s the teacher designated to teach the class of losers. You can only grow under his tutelage. I don’t trust anyone else.”

Gu Yunjing put her on a bed that was covered in a glamorous tiger skin. It was warm and comfortable.

“I was almost killed in the first lesson…”

Was that what made him trustworthy?

Shao Di, are you a friend or foe?

Shao Di patted her head. “That was just an excuse to help the others. He might seem ragged, but he isn’t a bad guy.”

“If he isn’t a bad guy, why did he do that to me?”

He probably wasn’t a bad guy only to other people.

“He wasn’t involved in it. He simply observed instead of helping you.”

“He didn’t help his own disciple at all and even begged on behalf of his disciple’s opponents. Can I have a different teacher?”

“Hold that thought. I’ll rub ointment on you first.” Gu Yunjing took the ointment from a maid and treated Gu Bailu carefully.

Gu Bailu was still hoping to ask for a different teacher, but then got distracted by Gu Yunjing’s prettiness.

Careful men were the most handsome, not to mention that Gu Yunjing was pretty to begin with.

Also, Gu Bailu felt a strange sense of familiarity from him. She was drawn to him as she watched.