Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 82 - Who Allowed You To Hurt Her?

Another feature of the enhancement rune was that it could attack the enhanced when they intended to harm the enhancer.

So, the enhancement rune was also known as Cutter of the Ungrateful.

When she read her master’s books, Gu Bailu had felt that this rune was most useful, and had learned it the best.

Yin Neng’s ice pierced her body, but Yin Neng suddenly stiffened.

Cracks spread throughout his bones, like a land in drought.

“What did you do?”

Gu Bailu’s face was pale. It was too painful for her to speak now.

She was gradually losing consciousness, too.

She had truly tried her best.

If only she were a little bit stronger.

“Gu Bailu!”

At that moment, a pink shadow reached her in a swirl of wind and lifted her from the ground. “Hang in there.”

Gu Yunjing’s face was full of coldness. His charming eyes were gloomier than ever.

He took out a Snow Goddess Fruit and gave it to Gu Bailu. When he saw the wounds on her body, his expression turned unsightly.

“Who allowed you to hurt her?” Gu Yunjing stood up, holding Gu Bailu in his arms, and walked toward the disciples behind them.

The elders behind him didn’t dare say anything and could only stand in respect.

The disciples on the ground were already trembling in fear.

Shao Di was angry.

“Answer me, who allowed you to hurt her?” Gu Yunjing asked again with palpable killing intent.

“It was… It was Elder Qian…” The less bold ones hurried to confess.

They certainly couldn’t afford to shoulder the blame right now.

“Did no one tell you that I was the one who personally invited her?” Gu Yunjing asked.

Everybody knelt down. “Please punish us.”

They all knew that Shao Di had personally invited a loser to their academy, but none of them were happy about that.

They were all geniuses from renowned backgrounds. It wasn’t easy for them to come to Cloud Mirror Academy.

Now, they were going to study together with a piece of trash?

All they wanted was to get rid of the garbage.

They didn’t expect Shao Di to defend Gu Bailu.

“Do you remember the first rule of the academy?”

The disciples’ faces changed color. The first rule of the academy was that they mustn’t harm their classmates, or they would be banished.

Did Shao Di intend to kick all of them out?

“Please forgive us, sir. We only did it because Elder Qian stated that she was a criminal.”

The disciples begged for mercy.

It wasn’t a lie. If Elder Qian hadn’t given the order, they would never have attacked Gu Bailu openly, at least not in the square where fighting was forbidden.

If they wanted to do anything, they would’ve killed her in secret.

“Bai Ling, find out who Qian Wangsheng met today.”

Gu Yunjing knew that many people in Cloud Mirror Academy were displeased with the exception he was making, and that Gu Bailu would face much hostility.

However, he didn’t expect them to be so bold as to attack her without a care.

Had his authority declined in Cloud Mirror Academy because of his lack of management all these years?

Gu Yunjing lowered his head, only to discover Gu Bailu staring at him. Her previously healthy face was completely pale.