Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 81 - Shamelessness Is Strength

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The disciples of Cloud Mirror Academy had already started establishing the array. Gu Bailu was dazzled by their movements.

She knew that it was not the moment for shock. She had to try and break the array.

However, she was busy enhancing Yin Neng. If she got distracted, she might be grievously wounded.

But she would also be dead for sure if the array wasn’t broken.

The Spirit Confinement Array was probably inhibiting Yin Neng’s power.

But she would take the risk of being injured while enhancing Yin Neng. After all, she herself was incapable of fighting. This way, she could at least keep her soul intact.

Gu Bailu took out another rune. She had never killed anyone with a rune before, but she was determined to do so this time.

Gu Bailu chanted in silence, coldness all over her face.

Then, she threw the rune at the disciples.

Gu Bailu felt something surge in her chest, filling her mouth with blood.

As expected, her body couldn’t handle two spells at the same time.

However, the power of the rune had been unleashed. The disciples looked at the paper smashing down on them in disbelief. How could it be so powerful?

They fled in a hurry, only to be wounded before they collapsed.

Gu Bailu took a relieved breath, and only then fell to the ground.

She didn’t forget to prod Yin Neng. “Yin Neng, it’s your turn now. If you can’t take care of him, you might as well kill yourself.”

Thinking for a moment, she cast another enhancement spell and gave the last of the power to Yin Neng.

“Hehe… Years ago, four of them worked together to lock me up on Ice Mist Peak. I will have my revenge today.”

He roared, and the power of ice pressed against the glowing fire.

“Break!” At Yin Neng’s hoarse cry, snowflakes drifted in the cold sky.

Ye Jinchen fell off the dais.

An ice spike had pierced through his hand, turning it into a bloody mess.

Gu Bailu laughed. They won!

Yin Neng laughed crazily. “Ye Jinchen, after trapping me for years, you’re still no match for me.”

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. Is this the time to celebrate? Get me out of here.

Yin Neng, however, was still roaring. “Where are the rest of them? Where are they hiding?”

Gu Bailu almost vomited blood in fury.

“What are you saying? Get me out of here!”

This was Cloud Mirror Academy’s territory. People of the Imperial Residence might arrive at any moment.

If Shao Di or the elders of Cloud Mirror Academy showed up, there would be no chance of escape.

“You want me to run?”

“Do you want to die here?”

“They can’t kill me, but you’re probably going to die.”

Yin Neng laughed out loud and jumped on the pillar in the center of the square, as if he were king of the world.

She was truly an idiot to regard him as a comrade.

“I said that I would make sure you die with me. My enhancement spell is still inside your body.”

Yin Neng sniffed. “Are you threatening me?”

“It’s not a threat but a fact.”

Of course she didn’t want to fight him. She wanted to live.

“I don’t believe it.” Yin Neng walked toward her.

He slashed at Gu Bailu with a handful of ice.

Damn it. He’s really trying to kill me.

Gu Bailu drew a star-shaped rune and chanted, “Destroy the enhancement spirit!”