Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 80 - Battle of Ice and Fire

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Gu Bailu realized that things weren’t looking good. A real expert had come.

Yin Neng chuckled. “Ye Jinchen, you’re here. I was looking for a chance of revenge.”

The chief was peaceful and looked only around thirty.

“Have you lost your mind after being imprisoned for a hundred years?”

Without further ado, he furrowed his brow, and scorching steam rose up from the square. The stones on the ground flowed like mud.

Gu Bailu sweated profusely from the heat.

One of them was fire and the other was ice. That was the most fatal suppression.

“What are you waiting for? Give me power if you don’t want to die,” Yin Neng growled.

Gu Bailu came back to her senses. It was indeed not the time to be absentminded or jealous.

She had enhanced Yin Neng’s abilities. The two of them would win or lose together.

Gu Bailu focused her attention. “In tranquility, I hereby pray to the stars and enhance you with power…”

Air surged out of Gu Bailu’s body and gathered in Yin Neng’s.

Yin Neng continued growing larger. His bones glittered as if with a transparent skin.

The chief glanced at Gu Bailu. “Who are you?”

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Will you let go of me if you know who I am?”

“Releasing Yin Neng isn’t a pardonable offense.”

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. “In that case, I won’t tell you, so that you wouldn’t come to me as a ghost later.”

“How arrogant!” Ye Jinchen had never seen such an arrogant youngster before. She seemed only around twenty, but was more arrogant than Shao Di.

“Try me, then.”

She had nothing to fear. If she didn’t try, she would die.

One’s potential was often most activated when they were near death.

Yin Neng was strong in the first place. With the enhancement rune, Gu Bailu felt that the situation wasn’t entirely hopeless.

Even if they couldn’t win, she refused to be at anyone else’s mercy.

She felt lucky that Yin Neng didn’t resist her enhancement since they had a common foe.

“Yin Neng, it’s your turn.”

Either ice extinguished fire, or fire burned up ice…

All that mattered was absolute strength.

Ye Jinchen eyed the disciples around them. “Establish the Spirit Confinement Array.”

Gu Bailu had no idea what the Spirit Confinement Array was, but Yin Neng’s face changed. “I didn’t know that you’d become so shameless after so many years.”

After hearing that, Gu Bailu realized that it wasn’t anything good.

“Manners aren’t necessary in dealing with someone like you.”

“You use shamelessness to make up for your lack of strength?” Gu Bailu was amused.

Yin Neng was obviously too strong for the man, so the latter came up with a shameless method and then justified his doing with an excuse.

Ye Jinchen seemed angry. “What did you say?”

“The truth.”

Yin Neng, however, wasn’t in the mood to talk anymore. “Break their Spirit Confinement Array.”

He attacked the disciples of Cloud Mirror Academy with all his strength. When the overwhelming coldness swept out, Gu Bailu felt like she was watching the film “Frozen.”

What was more amazing was that a furious fire blocked the advance of the cold like a forest.

The sky changed under the collision, showing signs of an oncoming storm.

Dark clouds gathered.