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Gu Bailu sniffed. So, Prince Zi didn’t like women. That was easy. She had a solution for that.

1°Ah Luo, let’s go.” Gu Bailu walked out of the restaurant. Biting a chicken leg, Ah Luo followed her and asked, “Where are we going, my lady?”

1Gu Bailu stopped and said to Ah Luo solemnly, “Call me… sir, in the future.”

Holding the chicken leg, Ah Luo was stunned.

When Gu Bailu walked out of the clothes store, she saw the intimidating black-armored guards at the entrance.

“Prince Zi’s nose is sharper than that of a dog. He found me so quickly.”

“Miss Gu, you better come with us obediently.”

Gu Bailu snapped, “No, Miss Gu Bailu is dead. Standing before you now is Mr. Gu. Call me Mr. Gu in the future!”

5Qin Shou: “…”

It wasn’t until Gu Bailu arrived at Prince Zi’s house that she understood what true extravagance meant.

Nothing in the house was valuable. All the decorations were low-key. But it was this rare, unassuming profile that was even more invaluable.

This sort of unostentatious extravagance was always more shocking than the showoffs.

Gu Bailu realized that the random plants in the house might be priceless.

The floor was made entirely of the best jade.

The father of Feng Qingtian, or Prince Zi, was the current emperor’s blood brother. He was strong, smart and ambitious. If he hadn’t died so young, the Southern Glory Empire would’ve had a different sovereign.

It was a pity that he had such a twisted son.

Did Feng Qingtian hate women so much because they had tortured him in his last life?

“The lord is over there. You can go over yourself, Miss Gu.” Qin Shou led Gu Bailu to a pavilion and left.

Gu Bailu looked in the direction he had pointed, only to discover a misty hot spring. Next to the pool was a tree with leaves that were a fascinating yellow.

Because of the mist, Gu Bailu couldn’t quite see if there was anybody in the spring.

When she drew closer, her blood almost exploded.

1A half-naked man was in the pool, asleep on one side. The whole world seemed to belong to him.

Even though he was asleep, his dominance was evident.

His powerful arms glittered under the sunlight, reflecting his toughness.

The sexy cheekbones, the enticing muscles, and the sun-tanned skin – Gu Bailu restrained herself from pouncing on him.

7“It’s an honor to meet you, Prince Zi,” Gu Bailu shouted out loud.

The man in the pool didn’t move and remained asleep. His perfect chin seemed sculpted.

Gu Bailu sniffed and took out a knife before approaching him along the edge of the pool.

She had barely drawn the knife when the man opened his eyes and stared at her coldly without saying anything.

Gu Bailu sensed that there was more in his eyes than coldness.

“Prince Zi is scared of death, after all.” Gu Bailu shrugged and put the knife back.

A man as vigilant as he was would be easily awakened by any threat.

Feng Qingtian observed her. She was wearing a long robe and her hair was tied back, which added to her lively appearance. Her hands were fairer than jade.

Perhaps to match her new style, she had even taken off her earrings, leaving only the holes in her earlobes.