She fled to a mountain next to the square. The buildings there all belonged to Cloud Mirror Academy, and she would only be trapped by their barriers.

She didn’t dare use the teleportation rune again, either.

Running was truly exhausting.

Gu Bailu heard the clash and looked back, only to discover that the man had been flung against the dragon head in the square, smashing it into pieces.

Gu Bailu stopped and gritted her teeth. She couldn’t abandon her savior just like that.

Besides, it was impossible for her to escape now.

Looking at the disciples of Cloud Mirror Academy charging at her, Gu Bailu closed her eyes and cast the spell that her teacher had taught, for use at the most critical moment: “In tranquility, I hereby pray to the stars and exchange the soul for items…”

“Hehe… You’re not going anywhere.” A hoarse voice rang out and interrupted Gu Bailu’s chanting.

She opened her eyes, only to see Yin Neng’s hideous face. The disciples were only a few steps behind him.

A flash came at her, and Gu Bailu jumped to avoid it.

“It’s true that I’m going to die, but I’ll make sure you die with me.” Gu Bailu gathered her energy and drew an orange star in midair, before she pushed it at Yin Neng.

The star penetrated him like a piece of paper.

Yin Neng stiffened, and his eyes lost focus.

“Listen to my order. Eliminate them with all you have. The enhancement rune will give you power.”

When Gu Bailu pushed forward, Yin Neng seemed to go crazy. His limbs grew thicker and longer all of a sudden.

He flew into the sky. The coldness radiating from his bones caused the temperature to plunge, freezing everyone.

Ice soon appeared on the ground and among the branches.

“Life… Life Obliteration…” The disciples of Cloud Mirror Academy stepped back, stunned.

They had never seen Life Obliteration before, but they had heard a lot about it.

A super weirdo was imprisoned on Ice Mist Peak, who once killed everybody in a city with Life Obliteration.

Nobody knew how old or strong he was, or what his name was.

He was given the name Yin Neng[1] for his cold-bloodedness.

Hundreds of years ago, the Imperial Residence, the Earthly Residence and the Nether Land worked together to capture and seal Yin Neng on Ice Mist Peak.

They didn’t even dare offer his soul to the ancestors, because he harbored immense hate in his soul.

The barriers and ice on Ice Mist Peak could suppress Yin Neng’s power.

Nobody expected Gu Bailu to set Yin Neng free.

Gu Bailu was dumbfounded herself. How did he turn into such a terrifying monster?

Damn it. She was almost frozen.

Gu Bailu’s hands trembled, but she knew she could defeat these people without needing to lift a finger herself; she would rather die with them than be killed by them.

Sharp ice spikes that looked like arrows grew out of Yin Neng’s thickened arms.

They all shot out in a barrage of thousands at the disciples of Cloud Mirror Academy.

The disciples tried to melt the ice with fire spiritual power, only to discover that it was utterly useless.


A hallowed voice rang out, followed by a gentle purple light.

The cold, white field was immediately covered in red, and the ice began to thaw and break apart.

[1] Negative energy