Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 78 - The Savior Man In Black

Chapter 78: The Savior Man In Black

“As long as I’m not involved, it’s fine.” Elder Qian walked in.

Nan Ningxin followed him and chuckled. “She’s just garbage. Why would Shao Di blame us for disposing of garbage?”

Elder Qian nodded. “That does make sense, but…”

He paused and stared at Nan Ningxin. “If she’s just garbage, why are you wasting so much of your time on her?”

If he hadn’t owed her a favor, he wouldn’t have done it at all.

It was humiliating for an elder of Cloud Mirror Academy to deal with garbage.

“Hehe. Although she’s garbage, she’s the only woman who can get close to Prince Zi. Only I can approach my man.” Nan Ningxin smiled gently, but her words were most intimidating.

Elder Qian scoffed. “I don’t care about your history. Just don’t get me involved.”

“Rest assured, we’re even now. I’ll be on my way.”

Nan Ningxin stood up and walked out gracefully, smiling at the clouds in the sky.

Gu Bailu could barely keep her eyes open. Her head dropped to her chest, feeling as heavy as a sponge full of water.

Even so, she continued trying all kinds of spells.

She was just exhausted; she just needed power.

The disciples of Cloud Mirror Academy were already fearless after receiving Elder Qian’s order.

Eight disciples slashed at Gu Bailu from eight different directions.

Gu Bailu shouted, “Ahhh…”

It worked! The rope she was tied up with loosened.

She hurried to steady herself and avoid the attacks. Then, she ran desperately.

None of the disciples understood what was going on. How had she broken free?

It was impossible!

The bronze rope was made from fossils found a thousand years ago. Even Yin Neng had been tied up with it in the past.

How had she broken free?

“Never mind that, chase her.”

Somebody shouted, waking everyone up. If the trash escaped, none of them would live.

Everybody followed and attacked Gu Bailu from behind. Gu Bailu dodged swiftly, but she was already exhausted. She collapsed after she used up all her strength.

A fireball flew at her, but she had no strength to evade it at all.

At that critical moment, a shadow emerged out of nowhere and carried her to a stone pillar.

Gu Bailu tried to open her eyes, only to discover that the man was all in black. It seemed it was the one who had paid for her pills at the tea stand.

“Who are you?” Gu Bailu asked curiously, not expecting a stranger to save her.

Even though he was in black, he was still the most beautiful angel in her eyes.

The man stuffed a pill into her mouth, and Gu Bailu felt full of life once more.

“I’m your protector. There’re too many of them. I’ll block them. Try to escape in the meantime.”

The man put her down and lunged forward, holding off the fierce pursuers on his own.

Gu Bailu stood up. She knew that she couldn’t accumulate strength right now, and she had to run first.

If she stayed, she would only be a liability.