Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 77 - No Chance of Survival

Qingqing, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have used the teleportation rune again. My mistake pushed me into the abyss.

Gu Bailu now realized how important Feng Qingtian’s warning was.

So, cultivation was a double-edged sword. If one didn’t grasp it well, one might get oneself killed.

At that moment, she hated how she had rejected her skills at the beginning.

If she had studied since childhood, she wouldn’t have made such a fatal mistake.

However, regrets were useless.

Gu Bailu felt that she was going to die. She was out of breath, and the rope tightened her body.

For some reason, she remembered the dream she had in Yunjian.

She was also tied up and talked about like this back then.

At that moment, the dream had felt so real.

Her consciousness blurred.

She knew that strange things had been implanted in her to prevent her from using her runes. She would die if nobody came to her rescue.

She wanted to stay strong. There were still many unfinished things she had to do. She couldn’t die just like that.

But her body refused to obey.

“Elder Qian is here…”

The disciples cheered, and Gu Bailu struggled to look at Elder Qian, who had just arrived.

He was tall, slender and in a white robe. He stared at her sharply.

The man appeared mean and more unreasonable than anyone she had ever met.

“Is it her?” Elder Qian sounded full of disdain.

A disciple gave him a list. “Yes. She’s a piece of garbage whom Shao Di took in this time from Southern Glory Empire. She somehow got into Ice Mist Peak and brought Yin Neng out.”

“Since she’s garbage and committed such a huge mistake, just execute her. Execute her and offer her soul to the Temple of Peace.”

Elder Qian checked the list and spoke without thinking too much.

Shao Di never concerned himself with the operations of Cloud Mirror Academy. It was strange that he had admitted a loser who didn’t have any spiritual power.

She caused trouble the moment she arrived. How could Elder Qian tolerate such a disciple in Cloud Mirror Academy?

“Understood, Elder. However, she’s carrying Shao Di’s handwritten invitation. Should we ask for Shao Di’s opinion?”

The disciple asked the question cautiously.

Elder Qian’s eyes were gloomy. “That’s unnecessary. Even Shao Di cannot defend someone who set Yin Neng free. Where is Yin Neng now?”

“He escaped. The chief is looking for him.”

“Take care of the garbage now.” Elder Qian nodded.

He flew off in the same way that he came.

He stopped on a mountain peak in Cloud Mirror Academy. Somebody asked from a cottage, “How did it go?”

There was a woman there, in a crimson robe that highlighted her curves. Her voice was as pleasant as her face.

“I asked them to finish her off immediately. However, you were the one who gave me the instruction, and I won’t shoulder the blame when Shao Di finds out.”

“If he blames you, just say that it was on my order.”

“You truly aren’t scared of Shao Di.”

“What’s there to be scared of?” The woman smiled. As long as Gu Bailu died, there would be nothing to be scared of.

She had been lucky enough to escape last time, but this time, there absolutely wasn’t any chance for her to survive.