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When Gu Bailu opened her eyes again, she was already in a forest of thorns.

Finally, she breathed fresh air!

If she had stayed any longer in the snowing hell, she would have frozen into an ice stick.

She looked at her elbow. It was bad. Just now, the wound had frozen over quickly although it was bleeding, so she had the strength to escape.

Now that the temperature had gone back to normal, the wound quickly started to rot.

She had to find medicine for her wound, or she would still be dead for sure.

“Hehe… It’s been a long time since I breathed the air in the human world.” The hoarse voice behind her gave Gu Bailu a shock.

She turned around. Dear god. Why is this monster here, too?

“Hooo…” A white bear roared excitedly behind him, as if it had smelled the scents here.

Even the polar bear was here. Would it lose all its fur?

No, what was she thinking? She had to run immediately.

Gu Bailu turned around and fled. She took out a teleportation rune, but she put it back after having second thoughts.

Wherever she went, the weirdo would probably take advantage of it and follow her.

“Don’t run. It’s been a long time since I was here. Show me around.” The man and his bear chased her.

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. A moment ago, you were going to feed me to your pet; now, you want me to show you around?

“Hurry up! Capture her! It’s the new disciple who released Yin Neng from the forbidden area.”

Gu Bailu was surrounded by a bunch of men in white clothes.

One of them shouted out loud.

Gu Bailu frowned. What was that about?

Before she realized what was going on, she was tied up with something that looked like a vine.

“What are you doing?” Gu Bailu asked in confusion.

“Report to the chief that Yin Neng has been released. Activate all barriers in case he escapes.”

They ignored her as they discussed something over her head. Some left, riding on swords, and some of them sprayed powder on Gu Bailu. Before Gu Bailu could hold her breath, she had already passed out.

Who the heck was Yin Neng?

When Gu Bailu woke up again, she found herself tied to a stone pillar about ten meters from the ground.

She was in the middle of a huge square that was surrounded by many golden seats.

The pillar that Gu Bailu was tied to was watched by four life-like jade dragons, which seemed ready to devour her.

Gu Bailu felt pain all over her body, especially her wounded arm, which felt wasted.

The disciples in white observed her.

“It was her?”

“She doesn’t seem that capable.”

“Why was she bold enough to go to Ice Mist Peak?”

“Did she really release Yin Neng?”

“It’s true. Yin Neng was with her when she was caught.”

“She’s asking to be killed. Great disasters might arise once Yin Neng is out.”

“Elder Qian will definitely use her soul as a sacrificial offering.”

“Is there something wrong with her head? Why did she do it?”

They talked loudly, utterly ignoring how Gu Bailu might feel, so she heard them very clearly.

She had run into such a tough opponent the moment she reached Cloud Mirror Academy?

Either she was imprisoned in Ice Mist Peak and killed by Yin Neng, or if she escaped, she would face an even more cruel punishment.