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Gu Bailu didn’t have time to worry about her injury. She rose to her feet and tried to escape, only to be blocked by a wall of light.

Gu Bailu’s first feeling was that the man was too strong.

Her second reaction was to cast a spell on Chen Mu, who was lunging at her.

Chen Mu stopped, his eyes turning dull.

The man said in a hoarse voice, “Chen Mu, go.”

Refreshed, Chen Mu charged at Gu Bailu again.

Gu Bailu was anxious. Even the soul-stabilizing rune was useless now. What could she do?

She wanted to take out her teleportation rune, but there was no time. Chen Mu fell upon her and ripped her wound.

A huge chunk of her flesh was torn away. Gu Bailu’s face turned pale with pain.

She was too weak. She might be strong enough in the modern world, but in this place where everybody had spiritual power, she wasn’t worth mentioning at all.

Now, even a bear could defeat her!

“Eat now, little bear. I’ve been eating poison for food. Let’s see if you can survive that.” Gu Bailu bluffed as she held in her pain.

She could only try to win with wits now.

The weirdo had lived here for a hundred years. Whatever wisdom he had must be outdated by now.

Fascinated by the meat, Chen Mu wasn’t bothered by what she said at all, and put it into his mouth.

A streak of light knocked the meat out.

“Chen Mu, you can’t eat poisonous things.”

Chen Mu roared in complaint.

The meat was blown away.

It hadn’t enjoyed any meat for decades.

Calming down, Gu Bailu stuck a rune to Chen Mu’s forehead, and Chen Mu collapsed.

“I’m going to cut you into pieces for hurting Chen Mu.” Light came at her, and Gu Bailu narrowly escaped it.

She planned to hide in her bracelet, only to discover that it was gone.

She immediately panicked. That was the last thing that her parents had left her.

Without the bracelet, what was the point of living?

If she couldn’t protect the bracelet, how could she avenge her parents and her master?

The loss of blood made Gu Bailu weak, and she could barely stand.

Also, her determination disappeared with the loss of the bracelet. She almost wanted to give up.

However, her parents and the entire Gu family had rather be killed than give up the treasure. How could she give up so easily?

Gu Bailu clenched her fists and jumped. As she drew runes, transparent threads immediately appeared.

Gu Bailu continued to draw, and the threads wove themselves into a web that trapped her.

It was better to be ensnared than to be killed.

The weirdo saw her imprison herself and tried to break the transparent threads, to no avail.

He couldn’t move them at all, either.

“What a strange move. Won’t you suffocate?” The weirdo chuckled and left.

Gu Bailu caught her breath. It was time to run.

“Soul Attractor, here!” Gu Bailu summoned her bracelet, but there was no response.

Forget it. She better make sure she lived first.

She loosened the threads and took out a teleportation rune, hoping to reach somewhere safe this time.

Gu Bailu threw out the rune and rushed in.

Just as the teleportation rune was about to disappear, the weirdo showed up out of nowhere and ran into it, too.