The polar bear immediately stopped and looked at her in confusion.

“Be a good boy and take me to where there are humans.” Gu Bailu leapt onto its back and patted its head.

The polar bear ran with her on its back.

Gu Bailu’s face hurt from the frigid wind, so she buried her head in the fur on the bear’s neck. She couldn’t hear anything but the wind.

When she raised her head occasionally, she was still in the frozen land.

How huge was this place?

The polar bear didn’t stop, but Gu Bailu was gradually overcome by drowsiness.

She fell asleep at some point.

When she woke up again, she found herself in an ice coffin. She felt like she was going to suffocate.

It was a cave that was full of clear ice.

The polar bear that had carried her here was playing with a snowball.

Sensing that she had woken up, it looked at her and snarled.

Soon, a skinny person came in. He was wearing thin, ragged clothes, and his hair was as messy as dried grass.

“She’s awake? She didn’t die?” He seemed to be talking to the polar bear.

He was so hoarse that he sounded like a worn-out clock.

Gu Bailu felt like she was suffocating, but it didn’t feel like she was going to die just yet. It was as if somebody was clutching her by the neck.

Who was he? What was this place?

What did he want?

The person approached the coffin. Gu Bailu finally saw his face, which was full of scars that looked like centipedes.

His chest was flat, and his clothes were ragged. It was impossible to tell his gender.

“You’re the best to break into Ice Mist Peak in the past hundred years.” He smiled, and the scars on his face cracked in the most painful way.

Gu Bailu opened her mouth. “What do you want? I didn’t mean to intrude.”

She heard her own voice, but she doubted anyone outside could hear it.

“You ask me what I want? You think you can get out of here? When Chen Mu is hungry, I’ll feed you to him. It’s been a long, long time since he had any fresh meat.”

He raised one arm. “I don’t have any meat for him right now.”

Gu Bailu nearly threw up when she saw the arm. There were absolutely no muscles on it, as if somebody had cut them off cleanly with a knife.

Had he cut all his flesh off to feed the polar bear?

Gu Bailu felt her limbs turn numb. That was so twisted.

If he could cut off his own flesh to feed the polar bear, he certainly wouldn’t go easy on her.

She was going to be fed to a polar bear. That was such an unbelievable way to die.

The coffin was opened, and fresh air poured in. Gu Bailu gasped for breath, but an immense force hauled her out and onto the ground.

A sword slashed at her. Gu Bailu rolled and avoided the attack without thinking.

However, her arm was still hurt by the sword aura, and it bled.

Detecting the familiar smell, Chen Mu stood up and lunged at Gu Bailu.