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The screaming man was just a bag of bones. The wounds all over his body were bleeding.

A couple of people whipped him hard from where they sat astride their horses.

Gu Bailu was disturbed. Had her master come to this world, too?

It had been a long time since she met her master.

How could they be so mean to him? She exclaimed, “Master! Let go of my master!”

She chased after them, but the world turned black.

When she opened her eyes again, she found herself alone in a snowy world.

Gu Bailu felt as if her hands and feet were frozen.

Below her feet was eternal ice, and it was snowing heavily. She looked like a grain of dust.

She immediately realized that somebody had used her master to draw her to this place.

It had to be Nan Ningxin. Only she and the people behind her knew of her master.

Was she going to freeze here?


Gu Bailu hurried to take off the bracelet and hid inside it.

The ghost asked in confusion, “Why are you here?”

“I was thrown into a snowy world. I’ll freeze if I don’t hide in here.”

“A snowy world? Where is it?”

“In Cloud Mirror Academy. Do you know what this place is? Is there any way to get out?”

She didn’t dare use teleportation runes again. Feng Qingtian’s warning was pretty valid.

“As far as I know, the only snowy place in Cloud Mirror Academy is Ice Mist Peak, which is a forbidden area. It’s said that the old master of the Imperial Residence has been cultivating here for a hundred years.”

Gu Bailu frowned. “I fell into a trap.”

However, she felt that it was worth it. At least, she knew her master’s whereabouts now.

It seemed that Nan Ningxin hadn’t let her master go. He had been exiled to this world, too.

Perhaps, she was one step closer to her parents’ souls.

“You may become the second disciple to be expelled by Cloud Mirror Academy upon arrival,” the ghost remarked.

“Hehe. It’s not so easy to kill me.”

Gu Bailu chanted silently, and the bracelet floated into the air. She waved her hands before her eyes, which allowed her to see what was going on outside.

It was snowing even more heavily, and there wasn’t another living creature around.

The bracelet floated in the air for more than an hour, yet it still didn’t see the end of the glacier.

What was this place? It was impossible to even fly out.

She seemed to be lost, or maybe there was a barrier. She couldn’t escape.

Gu Bailu searched the spells in her head for a way to escape.

As she was thinking, there was the sound of an enormous explosion. She hurried to summon the image of her surroundings, only to see a polar bear crashing into the bracelet.

Gu Bailu was dazed, and even the ghost was blown away.

A living creature had appeared.

Gu Bailu hurriedly had the bracelet fly higher in case the bear crashed into it again.

“Lovely bear, why are you here? Bring me out of this place.” Gu Bailu finally saw hope.

She left the bracelet and landed on the ground with a soul-stabilizing rune.

When the polar bear charged at her, Gu Bailu leapt and stuck the rune to its forehead.