Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 71 - The Overpriced Tea Stand

Since they were going to Cloud Mirror Academy tomorrow, Gu Bailu didn’t work that night.

In the morning on the next day, she brought Ah Luo to Cloud Mirror Academy’s office in Pale Emperor City.

Cloud Mirror Academy was too far away from Pale Emperor City. Horses weren’t an option.

Thankfully, it was possible to be teleported from their offices to Cloud Mirror Academy.

It wasn’t until Gu Bailu saw their portal that she realized that her teleportation runes had been in effect here for hundreds of years.

No wonder Shao Di had been able to change her trajectory so easily.

It seemed that there was still plenty to learn.

Gu Bailu was even more certain of her decision to go to Cloud Mirror Academy.

After she gave the receptionist the invitation card, the person didn’t ask anything, and merely drew a green circle.

Gu Bailu was about to walk into it, when somebody shouted from behind her, “Sister, wait for me!”

The gentle daughter of the Gu family was out of breath.

“I thought you weren’t coming. Let’s go.” Not caring whether or not Gu Wanqin was exhausted, Gu Bailu dragged her into the portal.

Ah Luo followed them.

In the blink of an eye, they found themselves in front of a monument made of jade. There was a mountain covered in mist in the distance.

The words “Cloud Mirror Academy” glittered on the surface of the monument, and emanated immense power.

In front of the monument was a stand, where an old man was selling tea.

A few disciples in white clothes were chatting casually.

The old man hurried to greet them when he saw them. “New disciples, please wait for your masters here.”

Gu Bailu looked at the wooden sign next to the stand. All kinds of teas were offered here.

However, she almost peed her pants when she saw the prices.

Five hundred bucks for a cup of green tea?

Why not just go out and rob someone?

Even the most extravagant tea she had ever drank hadn’t been more than fifty bucks a cup.

As for the desserts, they were even more expensive.

Gu Bailu was quite angry at the few disciples who were enjoying themselves.

She forgot that food and accommodation at Cloud Mirror Academy weren’t free.

Most of the money she won in Ronghua Tower had been spent on artifacts. Now, she only had several thousand bucks left.

Several thousand bucks was enough to last ordinary people a lifetime.

However, she didn’t know that Cloud Mirror Academy would be so overpriced!

Had she known, she would have solicited more money from the general’s house.

“Sister, let’s take a break inside.” Gu Wanqin was still catching her breath.

The sun was high, and there were bushes all around. There wasn’t any other place to rest at all.

“Of course. As the servant, remember to pay the bill.” Gu Bailu hadn’t brought her out of kindness.

She wouldn’t spend any money on Gu Wanqin.

She walked in and asked for three cups of green tea.

“I would like a cup of Longjing,” Gu Wanqin hurried to say.

She certainly wouldn’t have the cheap green tea. She had much more money than the loser.

“Then, Longjing it is.” Gu Bailu followed along. Gu Wanqin’s money was from her family. Why would she and Ah Luo have more inferior tea?

After all, she was certain that Gu Wanqin’s mother had given her enough money before she left.

Gu Wanqin was more than furious, but she had to pretend to be generous.

I’ll just let things go your way for now.