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Gu Bailu went to the backyard after she entered the house. Thanks to the memories of her former self, she was quite familiar with the place.

“My lady, where are we going?”

“We run!”

3Gu Bailu quickly climbed out of the house.

“Don’t be scared, my lady. I’ll protect you.” Ah Luo followed and comforted her.

Gu Bailu patted her head. “I don’t think you can protect me from this. The man is too strong. We better hide.”

“Okay, my lady. It’s fun to sabotage weddings. Let’s play that more often.”

8Gu Bailu took off her wedding outfit and threw it away. “Alright. We’ll steal the bridegrooms and make them your husbands.”

3Ah Luo raised her hands and exclaimed, “Awesome! You’re the best, my lady!”

3Gu Bailu smiled. She truly envied Ah Luo’s innocent and carefree nature.

Actually, she didn’t know Ah Luo’s real identity. She fell into a pit after raping a man on the night she transmigrated, and when she woke up, Ah Luo had been in the pit with her.

3Ah Luo had lost her memory and she behaved like a child. Since Ah Luo had immense spiritual power, Gu Bailu decided to bring her along.

1“Let’s go. You’ll get to enjoy meat.”

Prince Zi was definitely too furious to listen to any sort of explanation right now. Besides, she did take advantage of him…

1So, she might as well have dinner first while she considered possible solutions.


“G- General, the first lady is gone,” the guards reported fearfully.

1“What? She was just here! How did you let her escape? Find her, or kill yourselves!” Gu Zongxiong burst into a fury. He looked back at the magnificent man worriedly.

“Prince Zi, rest assured. I’ll certainly make things right.”

Feng Qingtian put down the cup. “That won’t be necessary.”

He walked to the gate. Gu Zongxiong was so scared that he pulled at Feng Qingtian’s sleeve and knelt before him. “Prince Zi, it’s all because of my poor tutelage. Please punish me.”

1The silence that followed was even more dreadful.

That useless crap had caused trouble as soon as she returned. She should’ve died outside!

“You do have a great daughter.”

2Feng Qingtian dropped Gu Zongxiong and walked out.

Gu Zongxiong collapsed, sweating profusely. Despite being a Grandmaster, he had been pushed over easily. Prince Zi was indeed too strong.

He shouted in fear, “Hurry and find my worthless daughter! If she doesn’t listen, bring her corpse back.”

After he was back in the carriage, Feng Qingtian coldly gave an order. “Capture her.”

“Yes, my lord.” Qin Shou accepted the mission but was puzzled.

Capture her. Did that mean that Feng Qingtian wanted her alive?


Gu Bailu was as confused as Qin Shou. “You’re saying that every single woman who has ever approached Prince Zi died?”

Then, why was she still alive?

She didn’t think that she was particularly lucky. It was possible that Prince Zi would kill her as soon as he saw her.

After pocketing a tip, the waiter replied solemnly, “They really were all killed on the spot. So, no woman in Pale Emperor City dares to approach Prince Zi.”

“They were all innocent people!”

Gu Bailu sipped her wine angrily. She wasn’t exactly scared of Prince Zi, but she didn’t want to make an enemy so quickly.

After all, she had business in this world.

“Please mind what you say. I’ll leave for now.” The waiter ran off in a panic.

Gu Bailu sniffed. So, Prince Zi didn’t like women. That was easy. She had a solution for that.