Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 69 - Children Remember Enemies Best

“As a child, you can’t understand certain things. Just focus on your studies,” Gu Yunjing said solemnly.

Gu Bailu was stunned. Looking at his pretty face and remembering that he was 150-years-old, she failed to come up with any argument.

She was indeed a kid before him.

“Children remember their enemies best.” Gu Bailu sat on a chair. “Tell me your purpose.”

“There’s no purpose. Cloud Mirror Academy accepts the most talented individuals every year. This year, we would like to groom people with the least aptitude.”

Gu Bailu stared at him in confusion. “Is there still hope for them?”

If so, then wasn’t there hope for all the ordinary people on the street?

Shao Di shook his head. “Not necessarily. That’s why we’re trying it out. It’s a challenge.”

If it succeeded, Cloud Mirror Academy would take another step forward, and if it failed, there wouldn’t be any losses.

“So, I’m not the only loser that’s going to Cloud Mirror Academy?” Gu Bailu was interested.

If she could defeat those geniuses as a useless person, it was possible that she could change the world.

At least, they wouldn’t take advantage of her just because she didn’t have spiritual power.

She had announced in Ronghua Tower that she would teach the bullied to fight back.

Although it had only been on the spur of the moment, she did dislike the lack of kindness in this world.

“Of course you aren’t the only one. People from Rising Clouds Empire and Heavenly Wind Empire will be coming, too.”

“I’ll consider it, but you have to remember that I’ll avenge myself if you make me stronger.”

She wasn’t going against Shao Di right now, because she wasn’t capable of it yet.

Once she grew strong, she wouldn’t let go of anyone who bullied her.

She believed that the day wasn’t far away. She could grow strong on her own without going to Cloud Mirror Academy.

Since she wasn’t a vicious scoundrel, she decided to state it in advance.

Shao Di wasn’t bothered. “I’m not your enemy. You’ll understand that one day.”

“I hope not. Have you had breakfast? No, you don’t need breakfast, do you?”

Did a 150-year-old man eat breakfast or elixirs? Or maybe he fed on air?

It was recorded that certain people only fed on air to absorb natural essence for their cultivation.

Holding his chin, Shao Di said charmingly, “I don’t need to have breakfast, but I would love to have you.”

“Go away.” Gu Bailu turned around and left the hall.

She was too lazy to talk to him anymore.

Since she had to register at Cloud Mirror Academy tomorrow, she needed to pack up first.

She needed the tools for self-defense, in case she was killed by those geniuses before she learned her abilities.

If that happened, she would be too ashamed to see her parents and her master.

After Ah Luo woke up, she joyfully had one more bucket of food after learning that they were going to Cloud Mirror Academy the next day.

Gu Bailu had no idea how huge her stomach was.

General Gu and his wife didn’t return until nightfall. They looked so dirty, as if they had just crawled out of a pit.

“Did you do some digging?” Gu Bailu looked at them in amusement at the dinner table.

“This is all your doing! I’m going to kill you!” Gu Zongxiong was about to attack.

Gu Bailu picked up a piece of meat and said unhurriedly, “I’m going to register at Cloud Mirror Academy tomorrow. You better think about it carefully.”