The pain of the bite was no greater than that from a mosquito, but the feeling spread throughout his body and numbed him.

Gu Bailu let go of him and looked at the teeth marks on his face in satisfaction.

She hurriedly pulled free of his arms.

After being bitten like that, it was possible that the gay would go mad and bite back.

“You…” Gu Yunjing looked at her and became gloomy.

“I flirted back, exactly like you instructed.” Gu Bailu was holding a rune in her hand, and would flee if he got mad.

Gu Yunjing sounded even gloomier. “That wasn’t enough for you to vent your anger. Do you want to bite this side, too?”

“Bite, my ass.” Gu Bailu felt that she had run into a psycho.

“Come on, I don’t mind at all. You can bite anywhere you want.” Gu Yunjing got out of the chair and took off his robe.

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Come on. Let’s see who laughs last.”

You think I didn’t see you trying to rape Feng Qingtian?

Gu Yunjing did take off his robe and revealed the muscles on his upper torso.

His abs were attractive and tight.

“Exhibitionist, this is the general’s house!” Gu Bailu admitted her failure. She wouldn’t win this contest of shamelessness.

“Come on. If you aren’t satisfied, I can take off my belt.” He was about to do it.

Gu Bailu backed off in fear. “Hey, you better keep your pants on. I’m not interested in old meat.”

But why did it look so vigorous for a 150-year-old?

“No, I must compensate you for my misbehavior.” Gu Yunjing acted as if he wasn’t planning to take advantage of her.

Gu Bailu waved her hand. “No… That wasn’t misbehavior at all.”

If this continued, the affair between her and Shao Di would spread throughout the continent tomorrow.

Although she had a thick face, she didn’t want to be involved with too many men.

She hadn’t had a choice when she did it with Feng Qingtian. She couldn’t fall to this monster again.

Gu Yunjing asked her sincerely, “Do you really not blame me?”

“No, not at all. You better cover your old meat with your fancy clothes first.”

Damn it. If she looked at him any longer, she might really bite him.

He had to be doing it on purpose.

Gu Yunjing quickly put on his clothes. “In that case, this is for you. Come and register tomorrow.”

Before Gu Bailu realized it, she had a red invitation in her hands.

She opened it. All the letters on it glittered magnificently.

It was an invitation to Cloud Mirror Academy.

She was being asked to register at Cloud Mirror Academy.

“You’re really going to let me attend Cloud Mirror Academy?”

Since Shao Di always appeared unreliable, she hadn’t taken his words seriously.

A moment ago, he had been on the opposite side, and the next moment, he was inviting her into his territory. Who could trust him?

“Are you trying to imprison me so that you can take advantage of me?”

Gu Yunjing touched her head. “Why can’t you sense my kindness at all? How ungrateful.”

“I only know that you almost killed me.”