Gu Bailu left the house without meeting any obstacles. She turned back and remembered the marvelous and dangerous scenes.

However, she wasn’t scared at all.

If it were in the past, she would probably be in tears.

She opened her hand to check the source of her power.

She had been unable to use many runes in the past because of her low level.

Now, she could use whatever runes she wanted.

Well… except the teleportation rune, which was slightly wonky.

“My lady, let’s go to Cloud Mirror Academy. It has tanghulu and Snow Goddess Fruit. Shao Di also mentioned meat.” Ah Luo pulled Gu Bailu’s sleeve greedily.

She was almost drooling as she spoke.

Gu Bailu covered her forehead. She certainly remembered everything he said.

How easy was it to abduct her? It was truly impossible to understand a glutton.

“Shao Di is obviously malicious. My life will be miserable if I go to his place.” Gu Bailu honestly didn’t think that Shao Di was a good person.

Why else would her heart ache when she saw him?

“I’ll protect you, my lady.” Ah Luo, however, wasn’t willing to give up.

Delicious food was too tempting.

“You really like that food?”

Ah Luo nodded quickly. “The Snow Goddess Fruit can increase your power. You’ll be very strong after you eat it. Then, nobody will dare be mean to you.”

Gu Bailu frowned. Was it really the Snow Goddess Fruit that gave her the power?

Her skills had somehow leveled up.

“Alright, alright, I’ll think about it. I wonder if you’ll sell me off for food someday.”

Gu Bailu returned to the general’s house.

She carefully considered who it was that was behind Nan Ningxin. It seemed that Prince Zi and Shao Di were connected to her.

Were they the culprits?

No. Shao Di was very strong. There was no need to attack the Gu family.

Feng Qingtian had no reason to attack the Gu family either. He had immense strength.

The Gu family’s Sky Splitting Mirror was already in the hands of whoever was behind Nan Ningxin. They would use it someday.

Until then, Gu Bailu needed to become more familiar with her skills.

Although she could recite the tricks and uses well, she wasn’t good at performing them.

She needed practice and opponents, and she needed a better understanding of the moves in this world, so Cloud Mirror Academy might be a good option.

She had nothing to fear.

At least, as a student of Cloud Mirror Academy, nobody would step on her for no good reason.

Feng Qingtian didn’t seem reliable at all.

“I can’t kill Nan Ningxin right now. Since your grandmother seems reasonable, tell me what she likes. I’ll work with that angle.”

She decided to drop Murong Huangtang. That fool was so protective of Nan Ningxin, even after his sister told him everything.

“My grandmother loves talented geniuses the most. She likes Nan Ningxin partly because Nan Ningxin is good at currying favor and partly because Nan Ningxin is more talented than I am.”

In the grandmother’s eyes, Nan Ningxin was a better match for Prince Zi than the ghost was.

Also, Prince Zi always seemed tolerant of Nan Ningxin and was never enraged by her.

“What’s the relationship between Feng Qingtian, Nan Ningxin and Shao Di? You don’t know at all?”

Judging from Feng Qingtian’s attitude toward Nan Ningxin and other women, Nan Ningxin was certainly special to him.

Shao Di implied that, too.

Feng Qingtian warned her again and again about falling in love with him. Was it because he loved White Lotus Plus?

That would be tricky, then.