Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. “Hey, can I be involved in this discussion about my own marriage?”

Feng Qingtian hadn’t asked her to marry him.

Nor did Nan Ningxin ask for her opinion!

Although Gu Bailu knew that Nan Ningxin would be infuriated if she married Feng Qingtian, she didn’t intend to do that.

Did they have anything to do with her? Were they in charge of her life?

Also, what was Feng Qingtian talking about? If Nan Ningxin wanted him to marry her, he would, and if she didn’t, he wouldn’t?

What was their relationship?

No, their relationship was none of her business. She wouldn’t be part of that in any case.

“She’ll come to me if I don’t go to her. You should persuade her instead of me. Also, why do you care about her life, and why did you save her?” Nan Ningxin said.

It seemed that she didn’t need to pretend to be innocent in front of Feng Qingtian.

“You don’t need to know why.” Feng Qingtian still sounded majestic, but his tone was much more soothing.

“What about me? She hurt me!” Nan Ningxin covered her chest, starting to play innocent again.

Feng Qingtian seemed helpless. “You can’t even beat her? What can I say?”

“I don’t believe it’s that she can’t beat the little trash. She just wants you to feel sorry for her.” Shao Di appeared next to Feng Qingtian at some point and put his hand on his waist.

The yard was immediately caught up in an intense gay atmosphere.

Gu Bailu had been angry at first, but things got interesting again after Shao Di became involved.

Was this a love triangle?

I love her, she loves him, and he loves him too…

However, Shao Di seemed to be very nice to Nan Ningxin, too.

White Lotus Plus was indeed very strong. Even her love rival would help her.

“Stay away.” Feng Qingtian shook Shao Di’s hand off.

Shao Di blinked and moved behind Gu Bailu’s back.

Gu Bailu subconsciously moved away from him. Nobody noticed the sadness which flashed across Shao Di’s face.

Shao Di’s robe fluttered, and Gu Bailu was brought to him immediately.

He spoke to her as if she were a little kid, “Little trash, that’s the miserable life of the weak. Even your marriage isn’t under your control. Why don’t you come to Cloud Mirror Academy? I guarantee that nobody will ever bully you again.”

Gu Bailu felt that he was like a child kidnapper, except that he was much too handsome for such a profession.

Feeling that he had offered enough sincerity, Shao Di brought a tanghulu over from the servant. “After you come to Cloud Mirror Academy, you can have as many tanghulus and Snow Goddess Fruits as you want.”

Gu Bailu could barely keep up.

What exactly did he want?

“My lady, tanghulu and Snow Goddess Fruit are delicious. Let’s go there.” Ah Luo was excited.

Gu Bailu covered her forehead. It was obvious that Shao Di was kidnapping not her, but Ah Luo.

The 150-year-old monster was truly smart.

“Ah Luo, tanghulu and Snow Goddess Fruit are not as delicious as meat.”

“There’s plenty of meat in my place. You can have human meat if you want,” Shao Di interjected.

Gu Bailu glared at him. “I want Nan Ningxin’s meat. Can you offer that?”

“How arrogant. You’re just a piece of trash. You don’t know what you’re doing at all!” At this moment, a glowering old lady roared and walked out.

She was holding a glittering staff.