Murong Cangjian looked awful. Today was his wife’s birthday. It was supposed to be a cheerful occasion, but it had turned out like this.

He hated Gu Bailu even more.

In the midst of people with tremendous spiritual power, Gu Bailu felt as if her ears were buzzing.

Without looking at anyone, Feng Qingtian stopped in the center of the crowd and said, “She’s here. Kill her if you want.”

Gu Bailu felt like somebody had stabbed a knife into her chest.

They had slept together, after all. How could he be so heartless?

Forget it. She never thought to count on anyone, after all.

Before she came here, she had considered all the possibilities.

If you want to come, just do it. Let’s see if you can catch me.

Gu Bailu untied the bracelet subconsciously. It glittered a dazzling purple, further highlighting the fairness of her hand.

Everybody finally realized that Prince Zi was doing the Murong family a favor.

That made sense. The Murong family was too great a family to be ignored by anyone, even Prince Zi.

Finally, somebody normal had come.

Even Prince Zi was doing the Murong family a favor. The rest of them certainly shouldn’t hesitate. After they finished off the trash, the Murong family would thank them.

“Trash, you will die today.” Everybody attacked without worry.

Gu Bailu watched the colorful, lethal auras change at her and blinked behind Ah Luo. “Ah Luo, attack.”

She was going to see how much stronger Ah Luo could be when enhanced with her runes.

It was a good opportunity.

“Alright, my lady, I’ll kill them to avenge you.” Ah Luo was more than angry about how they were treating her favorite lady.

She had never made her lady unhappy. How could they?

Ah Luo waved her hands, and a fireball appeared between her palms.

Gu Bailu felt that she was being deafened, although her opponents’ moves made no sound at all.

However, the air currents could cause an ordinary person to lose their balance.

Gu Bailu tried to steady herself, and was ready to enhance Ah Luo with the runes.

However, at that moment, an overwhelming power blew past them and charged at the dazzling auras. The whole world shook at the collision.

Flowers and grass were immediately blown away and trees collapsed.

Tiles fell and buildings trembled.

Gu Bailu couldn’t be any more shocked at this unbelievable 3D movie.

It was truly awesome!

The power was invisible, but even though it couldn’t be seen, it couldn’t be ignored, because it blocked all the powers from the opposite side!

The colorful auras from the opposite side stopped, like a rising tide that couldn’t fall.

Gu Bailu slowly turned around and looked at Feng Qingtian. He was terribly cold and ruthless, and looked like a devil from hell.

Well, he was more handsome than a devil. Even though he was on a rampage, it didn’t affect his beauty at all.