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“It was truly an accident. If you think you’ve suffered a loss, why don’t you touch me back?” Gu Bailu suggested sincerely.

6Feng Qingtian turned even colder. “You’re the first one to not die after touching me.”

“That’s really my honor. Can you let me go? You’re going to twist my face out of shape,” Gu Bailu said with a fake smile.

1Feng Qingtian stared at her. The atmosphere turned even colder. Nobody dared to speak.

Would the lady’s chin be crushed?

“Prince Zi, just give the order if you need anything. If my worthless daughter has infuriated you, I’ll break her legs. You must be exhausted after the long trip. Why don’t you rest inside?”

2Somebody ran out and broke the frozen atmosphere.

General Gu had been busy inside the house when the servants reported the matter to him, and he had hurriedly run out.

Feng Qingtian glanced at Gu Bailu, let go of her, and strolled into the house.

After he left, General Gu yelled at Gu Bailu, “How dare you piss off Prince Zi? Go in and apologize to him now! I’ll kill you if he blames me.”

After yelling, General Gu went after Feng Qingtian with an obsequious smile.

Gu Bailu picked her ear. Her idle dad was also useless. However… wait a moment. Who did he say the handsome man was?

Prince Zi?

2THE Prince Zi who enjoyed the reverence of countless people in the Southern Glory Empire?

Gu Bailu dropped her forehead in her hand. She had gotten herself tangled up in disaster.

1It was said that Prince Zi had never lost a battle. The man was coldblooded and ruthless, particularly toward women.

1However… Not only had she come on to him, she had even grabbed his penis.

7With helplessness all over her face, Gu Bailu also walked into the house.

“Sister.” A tiny hand grabbed her sleeve, and Gu Bailu turned around and patted it. “Third Sister, why are you still here? The auspicious hour will pass soon.”

Gu Wanqin’s face changed. “Sister, about Chen…”

“Third Sister, it’s alright. Just marry him. I have no interest in the second prince. Take him if you want.”


“That’s enough. I need to thank you. If you hadn’t seduced him, I wouldn’t have escaped the misery.”

1Gu Bailu waved her hands and strode off.

Gu Wanqin felt like somebody had stuffed s*it into her mouth. Gu Bailu had declared Feng Xuanchen to be nothing. How could she marry him?

2Should she be proud to marry a man that even someone as useless as Gu Bailu didn’t want?

What a bitch!

Why didn’t she die? The plan was supposed to be flawless.

Even if she survived the fall, the drug should’ve killed her. Did someone cure her?

Gu Wanqin’s face was savage.

“Wanqin, ignore her. She won’t survive Prince Zi. Let’s hurry up in case the auspicious hour passes.” Feng Xuanchen grabbed Gu Wanqin’s hand.

Gu Wanqin suddenly cried out, “No, you were betrothed to my big sister before. I only agreed to marry you because I thought my sister was gone…”

4She rushed into the house in tears, leaving Feng Xuanchen full of fury. Damn Gu Bailu. He was going to kill her.

1Feng Xuanchen chased after her.

Immediately, the alley was peaceful once more.

The common folk were stunned. Was there still going to be a wedding or not?