The crowd burst into whispers again.

“What’s going on? Why has Shao Di come out of nowhere?”

Had Shao Di deliberately come to deal with Shao Zun?

The Imperial Residence and the Earthly Residence had always been at loggerheads.

The Earthly Residence recruited people from the Imperial Residence all the time. Some of the experts of Cloud Mirror Academy also went to the Earthly Residence.

Given its bountiful revenue, the Earthly Residence offered abundant pills and heavenly materials.

So, after graduating from Cloud Mirror Academy, many experts chose the Earthly Residence.

Some stayed in the Imperial Residence, and some returned to their families.

It was no exaggeration to say that the two groups had a feud.

While they had never really fought, they were always at loggerheads.

“This trash is really lucky. She gets to live a little longer now that they’ve come.”

“Have you noticed? The trash hasn’t been hurt at all so far. We were the ones injured.”

“That’s just luck.”

Was it? Was it really luck?

Some people believed otherwise. They believed that the trash had power that was different from theirs and would bring disaster upon this continent.

It would be detrimental to cultivators, too.

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes again.

Damn it, are you going to help Nan Ningxin again?

If you capture me again, I’ll change my last name to yours!

Shao Zun chuckled. “Shao Di, this is a criminal of the Earthly Residence.”

“Criminal? You want to steal her away and sleep with her, don’t you? Your filthy place is not suitable for her,” Shao Di mocked.

“Too many of your people have been stolen away. She won’t be an exception.” Shao Di smiled, enjoying himself immensely.

Gu Bailu had no time to listen to their jibber-jabber.

“Ah Luo, let’s go.”

The barrier was still active. None of the experts dared to come close after Shao Zun and Shao Di arrived. It was the best moment for escape.

She took out a teleportation rune and tossed it into the air. A purple vortex immediately appeared.

After she leveled up, even the teleportation rune glittered purple.

“Experts and b*tches, take your time in your fight. I’ll be on my way. Remember to call me mama next time you see me.” Gu Bailu jumped into the vortex, followed by Ah Luo.

In the blink of an eye, Gu Bailu and Ah Luo landed. She thought they were in the wilderness.

However, after she opened her eyes, she realized she was still in the same yard, and a bunch of experts were yelling at the barrier.

“She escaped! How did she escape without spiritual power?”

“Even Grandmasters cannot escape from the Murong family’s defense circle.”

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. They were right this time.

She was still in this place, except that she was behind them now.

“Ah Luo, it was just a mistake. Let me do it again.” Gu Bailu took out another rune.

Ah Luo pulled her sleeve. “My lady, somebody is staring at you.”

“Who is it? Oh.” Gu Bailu turned around, only to step back in fear and hit a corridor pillar. “Why are you going around scaring people?”

A tall man was right behind her, almost up against her back. He was in complete darkness and staring at her like a wolf, as if he were a ferocious beast that could devour her at any moment.

His black clothes were truly scary.