Gu Bailu quickly returned to Ah Luo and drew a barrier on the ground.

The disciples of the Murong family came at them, only to be blocked by an invisible wall.

Gu Bailu chuckled at them. She had already seized the moment to catch her breath, and she wouldn’t be caught again.

She could have escaped in one piece even without the level-up.

Now that she had reached a new level, more skills were available to her, and power surged out of her body nonstop, allowing her to use many tricks that she couldn’t use before.

“Xin’er, are you alright?” somebody gasped. Gu Bailu saw Murong Huangtang take Nan Ningxin from another man.

The man was tall and wore a loose pink robe.

She knew the man.

Nobody wore such eccentric clothes except Shao Di, who had set her up.

Why was he here?

The grandmother of the Murong family was indeed influential. Both Shao Zun and Shao Di had come for her birthday celebration.

Shao Di turned around and looked at Gu Bailu. “You’re here for revenge so quickly.”

He sounded so certain, as if he knew Gu Bailu’s personality very well.

His voice wasn’t loud, but everybody could still hear it as it entered their ears like a gentle breeze.

Gu Bailu smiled. “Are you here to help her again?”

She wasn’t scared of him. Even if Shao Zun and Shao Di both attacked her, she wasn’t afraid.

She could simply evade instead of fighting them.


Bring it on. If she had no other choice, she could always hide somewhere to practice her skills until she was good enough.

Everybody looked at Shao Di. Their eyes immediately glittered.

The man was almost as handsome as Prince Zi, and even had an extra sense of unearthly divinity around him.

Shao Zun sighed and hesitated. “She’s an old friend. You’re being mean to her after I just let you go. That’s unreasonable.”

“Shao Di, has your sight declined after a hundred and fifty years? You saw me being mean to her?”

Gu Bailu was about to spit on him.

So many experts were attacking her, and she was being mean?

Don’t presume that you can say whatever you want just because you’re handsome!

“Ningxin is badly hurt.”

“That’s right. Why else would I attack her? At least, I take care of my enemies in person and never ask anyone else to do my job for me.”

Murong Cangjian sniffed. “Is there anyone for you to ask? Nanliu, drop the barrier. I’m going to cut her into pieces today.”

“Murong, don’t make bold announcements, or you may be humiliated later. You’ve already lost Nan Ningxin in order to catch me.”

Gu Bailu didn’t have any good feelings for Murong Cangjian anymore.

She knew that he was being fooled, but she still hated him.

He reminded her of how she had so stupidly protected a wolf in the past, and gotten all her family killed for it.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how her master must’ve hated her when her family, and especially Gu Bailu herself, protected Nan Ningxin.

That must be why her master never spoke to her again.

Thinking that, Gu Bailu felt such strong hate that she couldn’t control herself.

The people of the Murong family were about to drop the barrier, when Shao Di stopped them. “Don’t be rash. She’s with me.”