Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 572 - Lu Fenying in the Flesh

“Wait…” The second son of the Su family stopped her and said to his father, “Father, why don’t we have someone try it first? Once we’ve confirmed that it’s not poisonous, we can give it to little sister.”

He had heard the rumors on the street. They all said that the Daoist nuns had cured a lot of people.

That was why he was showing Gu Bailu enough respect.

Eager to cure his daughter, the master of the Su family could only grit his teeth and try the medicine.

Thus, Gu Bailu and Qian’er stayed in the Su mansion.

Though they weren’t forbidden from leaving their rooms, their yard was surrounded by experts; it was impossible to leave the Su mansion even if they wanted to.

“The more closely they watch us, the more likely they are to give the pill to Su Muwei.” Gu Bailu said to Qian’er, “I wonder if Ah Luo will be able to find food for herself when we don’t return.”

Qian’er smiled and said, “She’ll die before she skips a meal. She’ll definitely be able to find her own food.”

That night, even more experts showed up, along with some secret guards.

Gu Bailu said with a smile, “It seems that the pill has already been sent to the crown prince’s residence, and Lu Fenying wants to give it a try.”

Qian’er’s face froze at the mention of Lu Fenying. She didn’t know if she feared or hated him.

She recalled those dark days again and her heart felt like it was being stabbed.

Gu Bailu patted her hand. “You have to control yourself. Chances are we’ll be going to the crown prince’s residence tomorrow.”

Gu Bailu’s guess was spot on. The next morning, the master of the Su family brought people over. “Please come with us to the crown prince’s residence. The crown prince wants to meet you.”

All the blood drained out of Qian’er’s fair face.

She was really going to the crown prince’s residence, to see that vicious fiend.

She clenched her fists so hard that her fingernails pierced her palms.

Gu Bailu grabbed her hands and said, “Let’s go. When you meet him with this appearance, you’ll realize that he’s not that terrifying.”

However fierce and cruel a person was, there was nothing to be afraid of if they had a weakness.

Since Su Muwei was Lu Fenying’s weakness, Qian’er could play him in the palm of her hand.

Unfortunately, she was too scared of this fiend to make the best use of her advantage.

A carriage was waiting outside. Gu Bailu and Qian’er didn’t even get to eat breakfast before they were taken to the crown prince’s residence.

Even if she was used to the understated luxury of Prince Zi’s residence, Gu Bailu was still amazed by the crown prince’s residence in Heavenly Wind Empire.

It was a dark and gloomy dungeon in Qian’er’s eyes, when in fact, it was a beautiful building with a uniquely designed garden. Even in winter, the tall trees in the residence were still lush and not at all bleak.

Lu Fenying wasn’t a miser. The best materials were used everywhere. Different from Feng Qingtian, whose favorite color was black, Lu Fenying loved white. The entire residence was made of white jade, even the floor.

Maybe he liked bright white things because his heart was so dark.

Lu Fenying didn’t meet them in the official reception hall, but in a pavilion in the garden. Soft gauze curtains hung around the pavilion and fluttered in the breeze.

In the distance, nubile girls danced with supple movements.

“Is Lu Fenying a hedonist?” Gu Bailu asked Qian’er in a low voice.