Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 571 - Entering the Crown Prince“s Residence

Gu Bailu smiled. “Did the Su family invite us here to show us how you spoil your daughter?”

She was smiling, but her tone was full of derision.

Qian’er scoffed along with her.

She had never acted so loftily in front of the Su family before, and it really felt great.

Her initial fear at coming here had completely disappeared.

So much for the Su family.

“Please excuse us.” Seeing that his parents’ complexions didn’t look good, the second son hurried to ease the atmosphere. “We invited you here because we want your help. Please, sit.”

The second son of the Su family could see that the two Daoist nuns were proud. Though they didn’t seem to have much spiritual power, he subconsciously felt that they weren’t easy to deal with.

A person who could remain calm and unafraid when surrounded by the guards of the Su family was either reckless or simply didn’t consider the guards a big deal.

He believed that it was the latter.

The master of the Su family reined in his temper; for his daughter’s sake, he would try anything. He quickly said, “Please.”

Gu Bailu knew when to stop. After all, she was here to enter the crown prince’s residence and make contact with Lu Fenying, not to settle scores with the Su family.

They returned to the hall and sat down again.

The master of the Su family got right to the point. “I’m told that you are a great doctor…”

Gu Bailu nodded. “I studied medicine during my training on the mountain and have some expertise.”

“Can you really treat any disease?” Lady Su asked earnestly.

“I don’t dare to boast. I can treat most, but I dare not say that I can treat all of them.” Gu Bailu said, “I will only know the answer after I examine the patient.”

Lady Su was slightly disappointed.

Many great doctors had also said that they had to examine the patient first, but there was nothing they could do after that.

Even Mr. Xiao, the best doctor in the world, couldn’t do anything.

“In fact, I am the best at making pills. If it’s inconvenient for me to meet the patient, you can give the pill to her first and come find me again if her condition improves.” Gu Bailu took out a bottle and tipped out a pill. “However, this pill is expensive…”

The master of the Su family looked at her, then instructed the butler on the side, “Invite an imperial physician to come here.”

Gu Bailu sat down. She had guessed that an imperial physician would be summoned to check if the pill was safe and effective.

The imperial physician quickly arrived. After scrutinizing the pill, he couldn’t find anything wrong with it, but also didn’t dare to say that it was safe. “What’s this pill? I can’t tell what it’s made of.”

“That’s my secret recipe. If you can tell what it’s made of, then it won’t be a secret.” Gu Bailu smiled enigmatically.

“If we can’t confirm that it’s safe, how can it be eaten?” the master of the Su family frowned and asked.

Gu Bailu sat down and spread her hands. “If you distrust someone, don’t use him; if you use someone, don’t distrust him. If you don’t trust me, then don’t use it. If you choose to trust me, my disciple and I will remain here in the Su mansion, and you can kill us if anything happens to the patient.”