“Since she hurt you and killed your senior brother, I’ll give you a chance at revenge. Go capture her.”

Nan Ningxin was slightly dazed. “Are you asking me to capture her, my lord?”

Shao Zun gripped her chin. “Let me tell you the rule of the Earthly Residence: All orders must be carried out at once without question. Go.”

After he let her go, Nan Ningxin felt her chin throb with pain.

She pursed her lips. “Yes, sir.”

She could accidentally kill Gu Bailu while trying to capture her.

She was garbage, after all, and nearly hurt Shao Zun’s nephew just now. Nan Ningxin didn’t think that Shao Zun would punish her for killing the trash.

Besides, she had the Murong family behind her.

“Grandfather, leave her to me.”

Nan Ningxin knew that the skills of the Gu family couldn’t be used in this world.

It was because they were eccentric and didn’t fit into the cultivation rules of this world.

If somebody boasted enormous strength when they didn’t have any spiritual power, they would just be destroyed by jealous people, unless they were strong enough to change everyone’s opinion.

Nan Ningxin knew this very well, so she had never used the skills she learned from the Gu family.

However, she knew that Gu Bailu had to use them in order to chase after her. It couldn’t be any easier to manipulate her.

The only thing Nan Ningxin hadn’t counted on was Prince Zi rescuing Gu Bailu from Shao Di.

Prince Zi was the man she desired the most yet couldn’t get close to. How could she allow this fool to grab that advantage for herself and live in this world?

Gu Bailu had to be eliminated.

Nan Ningxin never considered the possibility that Gu Bailu was too strong for her.

That was because they practiced the same skills. Even though Nan Ningxin wouldn’t use them, she still knew how they were performed.

She dashed at Gu Bailu and was about to grab her wrist.

Drawing runes by hand was the foundation of the skills. With her hands restrained, Gu Bailu wouldn’t be able to cast any spells.

However, Nan Ningxin forgot how much Gu Bailu hated her. The latter knew her personality too well, and wouldn’t be caught so easily.

She had merely been innocent in her previous life, not stupid.

Now that Nan Ningxin had darted in close, Gu Bailu aimed a kick at her forehead.

Nan Ningxin dodged it nimbly. Taking advantage of the moment, Gu Bailu took out a rune which locked the other girl’s movements. “Nan Ningxin, I can’t kill you now, but I can ruin your face.”

She scratched Nan Ningxin’s face without any hesitation.

Nan Ningxin struggled hard, but was frozen by the rune.

Damn it. She didn’t expect the trash to have learned how to use the freeze rune.

When did she learn it?

Three bleeding wounds were scratched fiercely into Nan Ningxin’s face.

“To catch you and for my vengeance, I memorized all my family’s books. I dared come to this dinner because I’m confident I can retreat in one piece. I’m not the Gu Bailu you once knew. Remember that well.”

Gu Bailu kicked her away. Nan Ningxin fell from the air and was caught by someone who had rushed over.