The master of the Su family nodded. “It won’t hurt to meet them.”

He would meet them first to see if they really were capable or just phonies. Though they had cured the butler’s nephew, that might just have been a lucky coincidence.

Besides, even if they could cure the butler’s nephew, that didn’t necessarily mean that they could cure his daughter.

Muwei had been getting better, until that goddamn maid escaped. If she had drunk the maid’s blood for another year or two, she might have already recovered.

“I’ll make the arrangements right now.”

The butler took his nephew to the street in person with a bunch of gifts.

Gu Bailu waited three days, but there was no response from the Su family. She was wondering if she had to try something else, when the butler came.

Gu Bailu glanced at him. “You’re too kind, Butler Su. I can’t use so many things. You might as well give me some money.”

Butler Su was stumped for a moment, before he took out two notes worth two hundred taels of silver. “Of course.”

Qian’er stretched out her hand and accepted the notes.

But her eyes moved across Butler Su’s face. It was this man who would escort Su Muwei to the crown prince’s residence after Lu Fenying took Qian’er in. He had been quite condescending and scolded her a lot.

At that time, Qian’er’s Dragon Spirit Blood had yet to be discovered.

Every time Butler Su delivered things for the Su family, he was always cold to Qian’er as he felt that she was a threat to Su Muwei because she was too pretty.

He even set many traps for Qian’er. She was almost always assigned to empty the chamber pots.

It was at that time when, to save her own life, Qian’er accidentally revealed the fact that she had Dragon Spirit Blood, and Lu Fenying learned of it.

Then, her endless suffering and torment began.

She was bled every day until she passed out. After she lost blood, she would be fed ingredients and herbs to stimulate the regeneration of blood, even when she wasn’t hungry, to the point that she stopped tasting anything.

But Lu Fenying still wouldn’t let her go. Feeling that her blood wasn’t enough, he wanted her to have a baby to fulfill Su Muwei’s needs so that she could get better sooner.

Qian’er always remembered the nights when she was raped by Lu Fenying, who showed no gentleness but simply regarded her as a baby-making machine.

He asked the experienced maids to calculate the days when Qian’er was mostly likely to get pregnant. During those days, he would come every night and then leave without saying anything after he was done, as if it was just routine.

Qian’er wanted to escape, but the crown prince’s residence was too huge and complicated. She was trapped there and couldn’t leave.

She probably would still be mired in that dark abyss if she hadn’t discovered the amazing effect of the tea she made.

It was only because this Butler Su had tried to kill her that she had been forced to use her blood to save her life.

All her suffering stemmed from this man.

Qian’er could barely conceal the depths of her hatred toward this man. Slipping the notes into her pocket, she turned around so that she wouldn’t betray herself.

“Qian’er, let’s go.” Gu Bailu patted her shoulder.

Qian’er stared at her. “Where to?”

“The master of the Su family has invited us over.” Placing one hand on Qian’er’s shoulder, Gu Bailu said, “We can have a nice meal.”

Qian’er frowned. “Can I not go?”

She didn’t want to meet anyone from the Su family; she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to conceal her feelings and would ruin everything.