Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 568 - He’s Not Easily Impressed

The Su family butler begged his master to invite an imperial physician to see his nephew, but the doctor said that there was nothing he could do.

They had only come to the Daoist nun as a last resort. Every other doctor said that there was no hope for the patient, but Gu Bailu’s signboard claimed that she could cure all illnesses.

Gu Bailu wasn’t an expert in internal injuries, so she used a pill of Dragon Spirit Blood.

After it was processed, the pill didn’t smell of blood at all. Even a seasoned doctor wouldn’t be able to tell what it was made from.

The butler’s nephew was taken back after he ingested a pill. He was up and about by the next day, and brought gifts to thank Gu Bailu.

Word got around, and all of a sudden, Gu Bailu, this roadside fortune teller, turned into a divine doctor whom everybody came to for treatment.

Gu Bailu could only add a line on her sign: One complicated illness a day.

If she gave everybody a Dragon Spirit Blood pill, those pills would become worthless, since the rarer something was, the greater its value.

Besides, she didn’t want Qian’er to shed too much blood. While it took very little blood to make the pills, it was still unethical to make pills with human blood.

As for patients who could be treated with prescriptions, Gu Bailu didn’t turn any of them away.

A lot of them were poor, and she didn’t charge them for her services. She simply considered it as doing good deeds and cultivating merit.

The butler was in high spirits after his nephew recovered, and the master of the Su family naturally noticed. He asked the butler, “So your nephew is alright now?”

If his nephew had really died, the butler should be asking for leave rather than being so happy.

“Thank you for your concern, master, that boy is fine now. He was saved by a panacea from a Daoist nun,” the butler replied happily.

The current master of the Su family was Su Muwei’s father. He had been brooding over the fact that someone from his house was almost killed by the third prince. Hearing that the nephew had recovered, he was rather happy, and asked further, “Who is this Daoist nun you mentioned?”

The Su family had always paid attention to Su Muwei’s health and feared that the family would lose its prestige when she was gone.

Though the third prince had beaten up the butler’s nephew in a fury, he still sent someone to apologize out of deference to the crown prince.

The master of the Su family was thus well aware that his daughter couldn’t die. As long as she was around, the crown prince would protect the Su family.

Though the Su family had a lot of disciples with immense spiritual power, the competition among the four major families of Heavenly Wind Empire was very fierce, and the Su family ranked first only because of the crown prince’s help.

“I heard that they’re from a temple in Xuan City of Southern Glory Empire. The temple is in disrepair and they require funds for the renovations, which is why they’ve come out to tell fortunes and treat illnesses. It’s a pair of pretty Daoist nuns, one old and one young, and they’re good at what they do.”

The butler didn’t stop praising them.

The master of the Su family asked curiously, “Are they really that good? They were able to treat an internal injury which even the chief imperial physician couldn’t cure?”

“Master, I dare not lie. My nephew is absolutely fine now. After ingesting her pill, he recovered in one night, and there were no side effects at all. It’s truly a miracle.” The butler whispered, “Would you like me to invite them here, master?”

He wanted to introduce the Daoist nuns to his master and see if they could treat the young lady’s disease.

But he also knew that the crown prince was a paranoid person who wasn’t impressed by just anyone.