Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 567 - Entering the Su Mansion

Even as a woman, Gu Bailu was charmed by Qian’er; it wasn’t hard to imagine how a man would feel.

Qian’er would’ve probably been cherished for life if she had run into another man.

Too bad the man she met was the savage and coldblooded Lu Fenying, who could even kill his own mother, and who had given his heart to Su Muwei.

Thus, Qian’er was doomed to misery despite her pretty face.

Gu Bailu really hoped that Qian’er could be rid of Lu Fenying and live her own life.

“One always has a home. Let’s go to the Su mansion,” Gu Bailu said to her. “Point the way for Ah Luo.”

Qian’er was confused. “Why are we going to the Su mansion?”

“Lu Fenying is a paranoid man. If we claim that we can cure Su Muwei, he definitely won’t meet us. Besides, didn’t you say that the crown prince’s house is heavily guarded? Chances are they won’t even receive us. So, we should start with the Su mansion. Her family definitely cares about her too, right?”

Qian’er nodded. “Su Muwei stole the crown prince’s heart, so the Su family regard her as a treasure and hope that she can secure the wealth and glory of the Su family.

“The Su mansion isn’t as strictly guarded as the crown prince’s residence. It’ll be quicker for us to get in that way.”

After that, they could have the Su family tell Lu Fenying that there was hope for Su Muwei, which would definitely be more effective.

Gu Bailu rented a house with three courtyards close to the Su mansion. It was quite expensive as the house was in a wealthy area.

However, Gu Bailu had brought enough money with her.

After a day of rest, she set up a booth on the street with Qian’er. The sign next to the booth said: “Pearls of wisdom, fortune telling, benevolent doctor, guaranteed to cure all ills.”

Both Daoist nuns were quite pretty. They weren’t astonishingly beautiful, but were still a refreshing sight on this street.

And thanks to their signboard advertisement, Gu Bailu’s first day of business went surprisingly well.

Actually, she only needed to activate the Heavenly Eye to know if a person was suffering from bad luck or not.

But Gu Bailu had never been willing to do that since that would be prying into other people’s privacy.

Everybody had secrets as well as shocking things which they hid; Gu Bailu didn’t want them to ruin her mood

She thus just performed divinations with the most basic of her family skills.

This world was dominated by spiritual energy, and few people were willing to work as fortune tellers since whoever was strong could control their own fate as well as the fate of others.

Those who came to her were the common folk at the bottom level of society, most of whom wanted to know if their next baby would be an expert in spiritual power!

A couple with minimal spiritual power could still give birth to an expert in spiritual power.

This was also the only way for people like them to survive, so some couples were still having babies even in their fifties.

Gu Bailu performed divinations for them and told them the truth for free.

As for those who came for treatment, Gu Bailu prescribed herbs for those with ordinary diseases and cured them easily.

Complicated conditions weren’t a problem for her either. For those with life-threatening diseases, she made pills with Qian’er’s blood.

Dragon Spirit Blood could revive Yan Anchun who had been at death’s door; what illness couldn’t it treat?

In this way, after Gu Bailu did business for three days, a dying man who had a connection to the Su family finally came to her.