Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 566 - Three Lives Capital

She had believed Bai Yunyi’s story, which was why she suddenly sent for Feng Qingtian the other day and had the doctor ask him whether he wanted to save the baby or save her.

However… It seemed that he had never said that he only wanted her and not the baby.

She had been suspicious in the first place, and would have definitely misunderstood because of that.

Feng Qingtian covered his face in regret. He should’ve said his thoughts. But he also didn’t want to lose the baby. If both she and the baby could be saved, he didn’t want to so easily say that the baby could be abandoned.

But he absolutely didn’t love her any less than the baby.

Ye Huai had no choice but to run back to Senior Hu at Mount Jun again.

Senior Hu was training in seclusion. Last time, Ye Huai had forcibly pulled him out of seclusion, and the old man had rained down curses on his head before finally performing a divination.

Now that he had to drag the old man back to the prince’s mansion… the old man definitely wouldn’t have anything nice to say.

Ye Huai felt a strong headache come on at that thought.

Gu Bailu and her teammates were on the road for three days. Though they had a carriage, their butts still hurt from all the jolting.

When night fell, all they wanted to do was check into an inn and get some rest.

In any case, they were in disguise, and nobody could recognize them.

But they were still in Southern Glory Empire territory, and people invaded the inn that night for a search.

Gu Bailu was astonished by Feng Qingtian’s speed. His men had caught up to her after just three days.

She had to hurry and leave Southern Glory Empire tomorrow. Things should calm down once she was in Heavenly Wind Empire.

She didn’t sleep well that night, with people coming in and out as they checked the inn, but none of them gave the two Taoist nuns a hard time.

As for Ah Luo, she was pretending to be a man, so nobody was interested in him.

However, Gu Bailu knew that, when Feng Qingtian failed to find anything in a couple of days, he would realize that she had used the 9,999 Spring Harbingers to change her appearance.

But by then, she would be in Heavenly Wind Empire.

Gu Bailu didn’t fall asleep until it was dawn. When she woke up, it was already noon.

She hurriedly had Ah Luo buy some food, before they resumed the journey.

In the evening, they arrived at Xuan City on the border of Southern Glory Empire and Heavenly Wind Empire. Gu Bailu didn’t stop over in Xuan City, but crossed into Heavenly Wind Empire that very night.

While traveling by carriage was uncomfortable, Gu Bailu didn’t waste too much time on the road, and soon arrived at Three Lives Capital, the capital of Heavenly Wind Empire.

Three Lives Capital was even more prosperous and more populated than Pale Emperor City.

Like Pale Emperor City, however, the passers-by were utterly indifferent and didn’t greet or joke with each other the way people in modern society would.

The peddlers were warm but not very sincere.

How could they be sincere when they lived hand to mouth and someone might rob them of their lives at any time?

In this world, those with little spiritual power couldn’t see any hope.

Which was why the thing Gu Bailu liked doing the least in this world was shopping.

“I’m back,” Qian’er couldn’t help but say as she peered at the view outside the window.

Gu Bailu smiled. “Your hometown is still the best, isn’t it?”

“That’s right. No matter how bad it is, it’s still my home, though I don’t have one.” Qian’er had tied her hair up. Her delicate face was as plump as a peach, which made people want to squeeze it.

This face wasn’t as amazingly pretty as her real one, but her temperament shone through.

Qian’er probably had an innate vulnerability which made everybody want to cherish her, but there was also a charm to her gentleness which captivated people.