Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 565 - I May Have Lost Her For Good

Bu Yaolian was invited over by the butler, but she was just as clueless. “She said that she was going out for fun, and she would come back after she had enjoyed herself. She wanted me to watch her house for her.”

Bai Yunyi confirmed that Gu Bailu had really left, without even a word to him.

She had clearly had a good impression of him in the past two days. They had talked and laughed together, and he had even been invited inside to eat twice.

So why had she left without letting him know?

Bai Yunyi sat despondently in his chair. Where could she have gone?

Had he scared her with his stories? Did she flee in a hurry because she was afraid that Prince Zi would use her baby?

But why would she be scared?


Bai Yunyi stood up abruptly. He was wrong. He had been wrong since the beginning. He had forgotten the most important thing.

Feng Qingtian, as the former Heavenly Emperor, couldn’t touch any woman except the one produced by the will of the heavens, who could bear him a child of the heavens.

Even if he loved other people in his past reincarnations, he wouldn’t randomly touch any lowly being.

Yet, he had made Gu Bailu pregnant against all odds.

So, Gu Bailu was…

Bai Yunyi fell back into the chair in frustration. “So that’s why I fell in love with her at first sight. That’s why I’m so enamoured by her. So… after all these years, even with reassembled souls, she’s still in his heart and soul, never to be forgotten.”

That was probably destiny.

He had wanted to tell her that the Heavenly Emperor didn’t really love her but only wanted her to carry his baby.

And he had really done it; he had done what he was supposed to do.

But it had scared her into running away.

Where should he go to find her?

Feng Qingtian wouldn’t let her go. He would definitely search for her.

No, he had to find her before Feng Qingtian did, and take her to safety.

Bai Yunyi quickly left the Gu house. He had to return to Heavenly Palace Cliff.

In Prince Zi’s residence…

Feng Qingtian said to Ye Huai, “Invite Senior Hu here. I need him.”

“What’s going on? Qin Shou said that you’re sending the soldiers who are part of our plan to look for Gu Bailu instead. What happened to her?” Ye Huai was feeling exhausted; why was this woman always making trouble?

Women were indeed the source of disaster. It was really great that he was single.

He had envied Feng Qingtian in the past, but right now, he was glad that he didn’t have this sort of problem.

“Do it right now. Don’t ask questions.” Feng Qingtian was afraid.

He had to find Gu Bailu right away and explain things to her clearly, or he might lose her for good.

“Exactly what happened? I’m not leaving until you tell me.” Ye Huai put his foot down. They had been planning this coup for a long time. How could they abandon it just like that? The soldiers under their command would only think that Prince Zi was messing around, and Ye Huai would have trouble commanding them in the future.

“Lulu is gone, and I might lose her for good over a misunderstanding. So, search for her right now.” Feng Qingtian had no time to bother about the coup right now.

“What did you do to make her misunderstand you this time? I already said that if there’s a problem, you should discuss it with her instead of handling it on your own, or you’ll regret it.” Ye Huai rubbed his forehead.

Feng Qingtian sat in his chair with a lost expression. It never occurred to him that Bai Yunyi would tell Gu Bailu about their previous life.