For example, she suddenly asked if Feng Qingtian was the Heavenly Emperor.

Bai Yunyi must’ve whispered something in her ear.

Feng Qingtian stood up and dashed over to where Bai Yunyi was talking and laughing pleasantly with Yan Anchun in the yard.

Feng Qingtian wasn’t an idiot. He could naturally see that Bai Yunyi still had feelings for Yan Anchun, and that he was probably here this time to steal her away.

He charged toward Bai Yunyi and grabbed him by the neck as he demanded, “What did you say to Lulu?”

Bai Yunyi frowned. “What are you talking about, my lord? I only gave Ms. Gu some gifts. You can’t stop other people from pursuing a woman you’ve already abandoned, can you?”

“Stop pretending, I don’t have time to act right now. Tell me, exactly what did you say to Lulu?” Feng Qingtian narrowed his eyes, which emitted a terrifying chill.

Yan Anchun was alarmed. “Honey, what happened?”

Feng Qingtian didn’t keep it a secret. “Lulu has been missing since yesterday.”

“Ah!” Yan Anchun stood up and looked at Bai Yunyi suspiciously. “Did you say anything inappropriate?”

Bai Yunyi was clearly surprised. How could Gu Bailu have disappeared?

Where did she go?

Stunned, Bai Yunyi said, “I just told her about what happened between you and the princess, that was all. Could it be…”

“Could it be what?” both Feng Qingtian and Yan Anchun asked impatiently.

“Could it be that she’s worried you might use her baby as a tool for your accession? But wait, I was talking about the princess’s baby. Her baby won’t help…” Bai Yunyi was confused.

He was also shocked by Gu Bailu’s sudden disappearance.

Why did she run away when he had just started pursuing her? Had she been scared off by his enthusiasm?

Feng Qingtian’s grip around his neck tightened. “Just die! Who told you to tell her that nonsense?!” Feng Qingtian was like a bloodthirsty tyrant as he clutched Bai Yunyi’s neck until it turned red, his fingernails digging into Bai Yunyi’s flesh.

“Prince Zi, our top priority now is to find her.” Yan Anchun grabbed Feng Qingtian’s hand, fearing that he might accidentally kill Bai Yunyi.

Bai Yunyi couldn’t die yet. If he died, Heavenly Palace Cliff would send somebody else.

This man was still better than the rest.

Feng Qingtian flung Bai Yunyi ten meters away. “Don’t let me ever see you again.”

He turned around and walked away, and Yan Anchun hurried to follow him.

Lying on the ground, Bai Yunyi didn’t feel pain, nor did he cover his neck to stop the bleeding. All he could think of was why Feng Qingtian was so concerned about Gu Bailu.

Hadn’t he kicked her out of his house?

Didn’t he even refuse to acknowledge the baby she was carrying?

But why had he tried to kill Bai Yunyi like a madman now that she was missing?

Could it be…

No! That was impossible! Yan Anchun was the woman from his previous life. How could it be Gu Bailu?

Or perhaps Feng Qingtian wasn’t as committed to Yan Anchun as he was in his previous life, and had already fallen in love with Gu Bailu. Even though he had to kick her out because of Yan Anchun, he still had feelings for her.

Why else would he know of Gu Bailu’s disappearance so quickly?

Bai Yunyi got to his feet and left Prince Zi’s residence to make a beeline for the Gu house. The butler met him and said that Ms. Gu wasn’t in and couldn’t see him.