Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 562 - A Matter to Repor

Feng Qingtian grabbed her hand and said, “I don’t care. No matter what you look like, you’re always the most beautiful in my heart.”

Bai Yunyi lowered his eyes and clenched his fists in his sleeves. Feng Qingtian was so loving toward Yan Anchun even though her face was ruined. It could only be for the sake of a baby.

He wanted to speak to Yan Anchun alone, but there was no opportunity for him to do so.

The love in Yan Anchun’s eyes suggested that she was already devoted to Feng Qingtian. Was he too late again in this life?

“I wonder, Mr. Bai, would you be willing to show me your strength? I’ve always thought that my husband has profound spiritual power, but after he came home that night, that was the first time I heard him compliment someone else.”

Bai Yunyi stood up. “If you want to see it, princess, I can only fulfill your wish. I just hope that Prince Zi will go easy and not hit me in the face.”

Yan Anchun chuckled. “Mr. Bai, you’re very funny. Is your face more important than your life?”

“Naturally. Face is more important than anything else.”

Yan Anchun burst out laughing, and Feng Qingtian pulled a long face. He and Yan Anchun walked out of the hall hand-in-hand.

Bai Yunyi raised an eyebrow. Was the man upset?

They had just taken their positions and the air pressure in the yard had started to drop when –

Qin Shou appeared unceremoniously before Feng Qingtian. “My lord, I have something very urgent to report.”

Bai Yunyi said teasingly, “My lord, it seems that we can only postpone this match today.”

Feng Qingtian glanced at Qin Shou coldly. He had instructed that nobody was to disturb him for whatever reason.

How could Qin Shou be so stupid.

“My lord, allow me to make my report!” Qin Shou insisted, not at all intimidated by Feng Qingtian’s cold eyes.

“Please wait a moment, Mr. Bai.”

Feng Qingtian walked over to Yan Anchun and helped put a cloak over her as he said in a low voice, “It’s just the two of you now; put on a good show.”

Yan Anchun smiled at him brilliantly.

Feng Qingtian finally left with Qin Shou.

On the way, Feng Qingtian stopped and looked back, and Bai Yunyi was indeed approaching Yan Anchun and talking to her.

He knew that Bai Yunyi had to be here to get closer to Yan Anchun, but he didn’t know exactly what Bai Yunyi’s purpose was.

“My lord, I really have something important to report! Let’s hurry to the study!” Qin Shou couldn’t be any more agitated.

Feng Qingtian looked at him. “The show’s over. Why are you still acting?”

“My lord, I’m not acting!” He whispered in Feng Qingtian’s ear, “Ms. Gu is gone!”

Feng Qingtian’s face changed drastically. “What did you say?”

He hurried to the study, which was protected with the most secure barrier so that there was no fear of being overheard.

In the study, Feng Qingtian roared, “What did you say? Lulu is gone? What happened? How did she disappear?”

He had already placated Gu Bailu before he left the other day. Why had she suddenly disappeared?

Was this another trick to test if he really cared for her?