Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 561 - Bai Yunyi“s Visit to Prince Zi“s Residence

The Daoist nun had fair skin and a beautiful mole at the corner of one of her charming eyes, which gave her a bewitching appearance.

She looked nothing like the old Gu Bailu.

Qian’er looked at her. “If that is your disguise, then…”

She turned into a young Daoist nun who was only around twelve years old. She was small and cute, and looked like a disciple of the older Daoist nun.

Gu Bailu put her hand on Qian’er’s shoulder. “Young disciple, it’s time for us to embark on our scam!”

Qian’er managed a smile. “Okay.”

“Let go of your concerns. Worries, pain and even laughter will pass. Why not choose to live in the way that’s most comfortable for you?” Gu Bailu squeezed Qian’er’s face, then urged, “Ah Luo, let’s go!”

Ah Luo cracked the whip, and the carriage sped off.

Gu Bailu lifted the curtain and looked out. Pale Emperor City… I’ll be back soon.

She couldn’t say why she had to come back. She just knew that this was where she had transmigrated to, so this was her hometown.

The butler and servants of the Gu family didn’t see their lady for the entire day.

Even Ah Luo was missing. They thought that their lady was training and that Ah Luo was keeping her company, so they weren’t bothered.

Even the secret troop which Feng Qingtian had sent to watch over the Gu house thought that Gu Bailu was training.

But nobody came out the next day.

Ah Luo, in particular, had to eat even when she was guarding Gu Bailu while the latter was training. She was the type who couldn’t stand being hungry.

Sensing something wrong, a secret soldier flashed into Gu Bailu’s room stealthily, only to see nobody inside!

Unbelievably. Gu Bailu was gone!

Had she been kidnapped, or had something happened to her?

Bai Yunyi went to the Gu house that morning but didn’t get to meet her. He simply thought that she wasn’t in the mood to see him, and didn’t think anything of it. Then, he took a carriage to Prince Zi’s residence to meet Feng Qingtian.

After delivering his name card at Prince Zi’s residence, he was soon invited inside.

Feng Qingtian had been waiting all this time to see what Bai Yunyi’s attitude toward Yan Anchun was.

So, he skipped the morning audience that day and waited for Bai Yunyi at his house with Yan Anchun.

When Bai Yunyi entered the living room, Feng Qingtian was gently feeding porridge, made with longan and lily, to Yan Anchun, which made Bai Yunyi a little uncomfortable.

Bai Yunyi went over to pay his respects as if nothing was out of the ordinary. In any case, this man had been like this all the time at Heavenly Palace Cliff, and Bai Yunyi was already used to it.

“Please sit down, Mr. Bai,” Yan Anchun said as she sat next to Feng Qingtian.

A maid served tea, and Feng Qingtian had some before he said slowly, “Mr. Bai, you’re very popular with His Majesty and the empress dowager. What brings you to my house today?”

“I’ve been back for a few days, and it was time that I paid Prince Zi a visit,” said Bai Yunyi straightforwardly.

“I saw Mr. Bai’s strength in person the other night. It was a real eye-opener.” Feng Qingtian looked at him expressionlessly, but there was wariness in his eyes.

“Thank you for the compliment, Prince Zi, but I’m not nearly as good as you.”

“Don’t be too modest. I happen to be free today. Why don’t we have a match?” Feng Qingtian put down his cup and smiled at Yan Anchun. “My princess happens to be very interested in Mr. Bai’s profound spiritual power.”