“The best is if he has a treasure! How can we not make use of that? Tell me more about this Su Muwei…” Gu Bailu was instantly filled with hope.

At first, she really thought that Lu Fenying was an emotionless demon who had no feelings for anyone.

But as it turned out, he had a woman that he loved and cared about.

That was perfect.

“Su Muwei was talented in spiritual power since she was a child. She was even better than Southern Glory Empire’s Murong Lanyi and Nan Ningxin. She was the strongest in the younger generation. However, her talent was a curse as well. The Su family was too anxious, and she almost died in a cultivation accident when she was thirteen. Mr. Xiao saved her, but her body has been weak ever since…”

“It’s been so many years yet Mr. Xiao couldn’t cure her?” asked Gu Bailu.

Mr. Xiao was well-known to be the best doctor in the world. He could save a dying man.

If Mr. Xiao couldn’t do anything, that meant that it really was hopeless for the patient.

“No. She has been weak and bedridden for years. She would’ve died a long time ago if she wasn’t sustained with my Dragon Spirit Blood.” Qian’er smiled mockingly.

Gu Bailu could see the misery behind that smile.

“You were valued in the crown prince’s residence because you could supply her with Dragon Spirit Blood!” Gu Bailu finally realized why Lu Fenying was hunting Qian’er so frantically. It was because that man needed her blood.

Gu Bailu thought of something even more horrible: Did Lu Fenying make Qian’er pregnant so that Qian’er would give birth to a baby who had Dragon Spirit Blood, and his woman would have another supply source?

“That’s right. I often passed out due to lack of blood, so Lu Fenying wanted me to have a few babies to ensure that there was enough blood…”

Gu Bailu was shocked. “Is he insane? He would actually sell his own body and child for Su Muwei?”

Compared with Lu Fenying, what Feng Qingtian did was nothing.

How could a man have the heart to treat his own flesh and blood that way?

Because they only needed to move on top of a woman a couple of times to have a baby?

Because they weren’t the ones that had to carry the baby for ten months, they didn’t have feelings for it?

Qian’er smiled miserably. “At first, I thought that if he wanted the baby’s blood… the child at least would still be able to live and have influence in the residence, so I suffered in silence when he raped me. But later…”

“What happened later?” asked Gu Bailu earnestly.

Qian’er shook her head. “I would rather not talk about it. In short, he really considers Su Muwei more important than anything else, including himself.”

Gu Bailu nodded. “Since there’s someone like that, we definitely have to make the best use of her. Now that you’re gone, he must be desperately looking for other ways to treat her; we can work with that.”

Qian’er frowned. “Are you saying that I should turn into another person and supply him with blood again?”

Gu Bailu shook her head. “Of course not; nobody should give him blood again. However, we can use Dragon Spirit Blood to draw his attention.”