“You don’t know what you’re doing,” somebody roared and lunged at Gu Bailu, only for her to dodge him easily.

The sharp edge of another sword brushed past her head.

“Battles have rules. You’ll all become jokes if you fight me all at once.”

However strong she was, she couldn’t defeat so many experts simultaneously.

Even Shao Di, Shao Zun or Feng Qingtian was unlikely to win.

Why were so many people trying to kill her?

It was only because she was garbage and easy to bully.

“Alright, my first disciple will fight you.” Murong Cangjian waved his hand, and a handsome man stepped out.

He was Ye Xishang, the first disciple of the Murong family.

Murong Cangjian sent him because he knew that the disciple had special feelings for Ningxin and wouldn’t go easy on the trash.

Gu Bailu landed and looked at Ye Xishang in delight. “How do you want to play this? A friendly contest, or one without restrictions?”

“No restrictions, of course,” Ye Xishang said arrogantly.

He wanted to cut Gu Bailu into pieces to avenge his love.

Ningxin was forced to join the horrible Earthly Residence because of her.

“It’s a pity for a handsome man like you to die, but you can’t stop anyone from killing themselves.” Gu Bailu drew a star-shaped rune and tossed it over.

She then took out a rune that she had written earlier and stuck it to the glowing star.

Then, she chanted, “Tranquility of mind!”

The star’s glow was so dazzling that everybody had to cover their eyes.

Holding it off, Ye Xishang launched a sword aura that crashed into the star. Even the ground trembled at the collision.

Everybody looked at Gu Bailu in disbelief. The trash obviously didn’t have any spiritual power. Where did her strength come from?

“She must practice evil arts.”

“She has to be stopped – the continent was almost destroyed five hundred years ago by the people who practiced evil arts.”

“Miss Murong is right. She cannot be allowed to walk out of here alive.”

“Not good. The Murong family’s first disciple can’t hold on anymore.”

Gu Bailu felt that she was getting so powerful that she couldn’t control herself anymore. The glittering star broke through the aura and lunged at Ye Xishang.

Immediately, Ye Xishang was flung back and blown into pieces in midair.

Gu Bailu looked at her tiny hands, at a loss.

She hadn’t meant to be so brutal, but the power was beyond her control.

Where was the power from? She was horrified herself.

“Witch, do you have to be so brutal? The Murong family won’t let you go.” Murong Cangjian was more than infuriated at witnessing the death of his disciple.

Nan Ningxin observed everything next to Shao Zun and sneered.

You fool. I manipulated you like a dog in the last life. You’re asking to be killed by chasing after me in this one.

“You’re very happy?” Shao Zun glanced at her.

“She hurt me and my senior brother; why would I be happy? However, she cannot be allowed to live. Such evil power will bring about disaster,” Nan Ningxin replied calmly.