Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 559 - What He Cares Abou

During the day, Gu Bailu had arranged for a carriage to wait for her outside the city.

Leaving the city and getting in the carriage, Gu Bailu released Ah Luo and Qian’er from the Soul Collecting Bracelet.

She took out two dry stalks of grass and gave it to them. “Eat this. You’ll turn into any appearance you want after eating this.”

Ah Luo couldn’t be any more delighted. “My lady, I want to be taller and stronger! I want to be a man with a lot of muscles!”

Gu Bailu was lost for words.

“Ah Luo, can you turn into something more normal? Why do you want muscles? To roast them?”

“That’s right, my lady. If we run out of food, we can cut my muscles off and eat them.” Ah Luo stared at Gu Bailu with wide eyes, amazed by how smart her lady was.

Gu Bailu couldn’t change her mind; Ah Luo would turn into whatever she wanted.

She looked at Qian’er. “Please don’t turn into a muscular man too.”

“I…” Holding the dry grass, Qian’er was very doubtful. “Can I really transform after I eat this?”

“There’s no need to be suspicious, this is a very precious thing. Hurry up and eat it.”

“Yes, my lady!” Ah Luo swallowed the grass and in the blink of an eye, turned into a man two meters tall with muscular arms as thick as the city wall.

The carriage was suddenly crowded!

“My lady, I’ll ride outside.” Ah Luo volunteered to ride out front.

Gu Bailu felt a headache coming on. “Her body changed, but it seems that her voice didn’t.”

“My lady, I’ll talk like this in the future…” Ah Luo lowered her voice, which made her sound like a eunuch.

Gu Bailu dropped her forehead into her hand. “Ah Luo, that voice is clearly fake!”

Astonished, Qian’er looked at Ah Luo and then at the dry grass again. She couldn’t believe that this thing could really transform a person!

“Can… Can she turn back?” What if they couldn’t turn back?

“Yes. The grass’s effect only lasts three days. You’ll have to eat it again three days later. I’ll give you three first. Remember to eat one every three days, and there won’t be any problems.” Gu Bailu gave another two stalks of grass to Qian’er.

“My lady, I’ll turn into an old man next time, with a beard long enough to mop the floor with!” Ah Luo was already making plans for her next transformation.

She found this too much fun.

“Fine, fine, do whatever you want.”

Holding the grass, Gu Bailu was also having trouble deciding. Who could she turn into in order to fool Lu Fenying?

She looked at Qian’er. “We’re going to the crown prince’s residence. Do you have any good ideas?”

Qian’er knew the people and things in the residence best. She had to know the best way to sneak in.

Qian’er thought for a moment, then shook her head. “The crown prince’s residence really is impenetrable. It’s basically impossible for strangers to enter.”

Gu Bailu asked, “Does Lu Fenying not have any demands or weaknesses, or something that he cares about?”

“Yes… He has something he cares about. But nobody can touch it, and certainly not us,” Qian’er said softly, sorrow flashing in her eyes.

Gu Bailu shook her head. “We won’t be able to do it head-on, but we could come in from the side. Tell me what it is that he cares about and let’s see what we can do.”

Straightening in her seat, Qian’er’s soft, fair hands clutched her dress tightly as she said, “Su Muwei.”