Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 558 - Seek Justice For Yourself

“That’s right. I know you’re afraid of him, and I know he’s looking for you. I definitely won’t let you walk into a trap.”

Qian’er’s limpid eyes were full of confusion, but she still nodded slightly. “If he can’t recognize me… maybe I’ll have the courage.”

“In fact, the most dangerous place may be the safest. You’ll be right under his nose when he’s running himself ragged looking for you outside; he’ll be so pissed that he can’t find you.”

Blinking, Qian’er asked uncertainly, “Is that really possible?”

“Of course! There’s no time to lose; go pack your things. We’ll set off tonight.”

Right up until Gu Bailu walked away, Qian’er couldn’t believe this was really happening.

Prince Zi loved Gu Bailu, but had kicked her out in the end. She had such a great house, so many connections, and a thriving business in this place. However, she said she was leaving, and was abandoning everything to go to the crown prince’s residence in Heavenly Wind Empire, the most vicious place in the world.

Qian’er had done everything she could to escape that demon, but now she was going back of her own accord…

Could she really go back to that hell where she spent ten years in misery?

She never thought that she would ever go back for as long as she lived. She had planned to kill herself if Lu Fenying’s men ever found her.

But right now… she was going back. She was really going back.

Blank-faced, Qian’er returned to her room. She was still shaking; she had the deepest fear of Lu Fenying. Ever since her escape, she had tried to forget his face every day.

But she couldn’t. He would appear in her dreams every night, tormenting her, yelling at her and threatening her.

Of course, she knew that running wasn’t a solution. She was tired. She only pretended to be carefree. Every time she woke up from a nightmare, she had to hit herself to calm down.

Gu Bailu was right. She had to confront her fear, or there really would be no hope for her.

She had to go back! Yes, she had to return to the demon’s nest, face the person who hurt her, and seek justice for herself.

Gu Bailu had made up her mind to go without any hesitation.

If even Lu Fenying could kill her, that just meant that she didn’t have the strength to gather the Sky Splitting Mirror together, rescue her master and avenge her parents.

She couldn’t be too dependent on Feng Qingtian. Besides, Feng Qingtian might not be reliable.

She could only rely on herself.

She didn’t have to pack a lot of things. Everything would be fine as long as she brought enough banknotes.

The three countries all dealt in currency exchange. She could change the notes in any bank.

Night quickly fell, and Qian’er came over with a small cloth bundle.

Naturally, Gu Bailu couldn’t leave through the front door, since Feng Qingtian would find out and his men would stop her.

Closing the door of her room, Gu Bailu took off the Soul Collecting Bracelet and told Ah Luo and Qian’er to enter it so that there would be less noise when she used the teleportation rune.

She left a note for Bu Yaolian and entrusted the Gu house to her.

She left all the keys and seals too.

She wasn’t taking Bu Yaolian with her because the crown prince’s residence in Heavenly Wind Empire would be too dangerous for her; it would be best to leave her at the Gu house.

If Bu Yaolian wanted to go, she could give the keys and seals to Wang Dachong. Gu Bailu believed that Wang Dachong would take care of everything for her.