Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 557 - To the Crown Prince“s Residence In Heavenly Wind Empire

The man had to be incredibly savage and ruthless to make Qian’er so scared, as if his place was a nest of demons.

“I don’t want to go back. Please don’t make me go back. I’ll do anything for you.” Qian’er grabbed Gu Bailu’s arm and begged.

Gu Bailu patted her shoulder. “Don’t talk like that. You won’t be willing to do anything or everything for me. What if I want your baby? Would you be willing to give it to me?”

Qian’er’s grip loosened. “No, you won’t. You won’t ask for my baby. You’re different from them…”

Gu Bailu sighed. “You know me very well. However, I need to tell you that I’m leaving, and that if you follow me, it will be to the crown prince’s residence in Heavenly Wind Empire.”

Qian’er was stunned. “W- Why? Why are you going to the crown prince? It’s a horrible place. Please don’t go…”

“I have to. Also, the more dangerous a place appears, the safer it may actually be.” Gu Bailu said bluntly, “If you don’t want to come, I won’t be able to give you shelter; but if you come with me, I’ll give you the courage to face everything that you’re afraid of.”

“What do you want to go to the crown prince’s residence? Lu Fenying is no ordinary person. He’s not like Prince Zi…” Qian’er grabbed her hand and said solemnly.

Prince Zi loved Gu Bailu, so she could do anything she wanted. Even if she kicked up a fuss in the royal palace, Prince Zi would protect her.

But things were completely different if she went to Heavenly Wind Empire.

Lu Fenying was the absolute ruler of Heavenly Wind Empire. Prince Zi had no influence there.

If she pissed off Lu Fenying, there was no way that Gu Bailu would survive.

Gu Bailu was nice to Qian’er, so Qian’er didn’t want anything to happen to her.

“I know. I’ve heard about his personality. But I can’t stay here. I should do what I can in the crown prince’s residence.”

Gu Bailu had made up her mind to leave Pale Emperor City, partly because she was scared that Feng Qingtian would use the baby as a tool and hurt her later, and partly because she found it necessary to stay away for a bit even if she had misunderstood him.

She couldn’t love Feng Qingtian wholeheartedly anyway. If she stayed away for a while, she might be able to understand her heart better.

Thinking of it this way, she felt that she had to leave.

At the very least, Lu Fenying had a piece of the Sky Splitting Mirror, which was something she could do her best to obtain in Heavenly Wind Empire.

“What are you planning? If you tell me, maybe I can help you.” Qian’er held her hand and said, “If you’re going because you need to do something, I’ll go with you.”

Gu Bailu was the first person who had been nice to Qian’er without asking for anything in return. Whenever Qian’er was in trouble, Gu Bailu was willing to help her.

Although Qian’er was very scared of Lu Fenying…

“You’re really willing to go back?” asked Gu Bailu in surprise.

She could sense the deepest angst and distress toward Lu Fenying in Qian’er’s heart, but Qian’er had changed her mind after Gu Bailu said that there was something she had to do.

She certainly hadn’t saved this woman in vain.

“To be honest, I don’t dare go back; I don’t want to see Lu Fenying ever again. He’s really horrible, and I’m scared… But I should be able to help you in other ways.” Qian’er still shuddered and her heart tightened with fear when talking about Lu Fenying.