Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 556 - Do You Want to Go Back?

What he was keeping from her was probably what Bai Yunyi had said.

Reiterating that she only had to endure two more days and everything would be over after that, Feng Qingtian left the Gu house.

After he left, Gu Bailu gazed at the snowy world outside the window.

Someone said that a couple shouldn’t test each other, because the result could hurt them both.

She finally experienced that for herself today.

Through this test, she had discovered that Feng Qingtian wanted the baby and was nice to her because of the baby.

However, she had to admit that Feng Qingtian was really nice to her. She had seen the agony in his eyes earlier.

Then, could she accept a man who was nice to her just because of their baby?

Gu Bailu didn’t have an answer.

She had yet to figure out what happened in her previous life. If it was true that she had loved Feng Qingtian, and killed him in a rage when she found out that he just wanted her to bear his baby, something really heartbreaking must’ve happened to her.

She wouldn’t have killed him just because he wanted her to have his baby.

She didn’t know whether or not she should leave Feng Qingtian. He hadn’t hurt her so far because of the baby, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t.

If she didn’t leave, she would be giving him a chance to hurt her.

But if she left, where could she go?

Her house, her business, and her connections were all in Pale Emperor City.

How could she rescue her master, find her parents’ souls, and avenge her parents without binding herself to Feng Qingtian?

Unable to come up with an answer, Gu Bailu took a walk with Ah Luo. Seeing that Qian’er was making a snowman, she walked over to her.

Qian’er’s beautiful face, red from the cold wind, was even more adorable.

“Aren’t you scared that it’s too cold for the baby?” asked Gu Bailu in concern.

“No. I don’t have a lot of spiritual power, but I can keep myself warm,” Qian’er said with a smile. “If I’m scared of everything that might happen, there’ll be no help for me in this life.”

Gu Bailu stared at her. This woman was shorter and thinner than she was; she didn’t look big even though she was already showing.

She was a weak and vulnerable girl, but she had still managed to escape the crown prince’s house in Heavenly Wind Empire where she was raised.

She might have suffered a lot during the escape, and almost ended up the Nether King’s maid, but she used her smarts to flee again.

If Qian’er could do that, why couldn’t she?

Who said that she had to stay in Pale Emperor City to avenge her parents and save her master?

Who said that she had to gather the pieces of the Sky Splitting Mirror with Feng Qingtian’s help?

When she first arrived, she didn’t have anything, right? She could build a business from scratch again elsewhere.

It was better than giving birth to a baby to be used as a tool for Feng Qingtian’s ascension.

“Qian’er, do you want to go back?” Gu Bailu thought for a moment before she asked.

Qian’er raised her head, her limpid eyes full of confusion. “Go back where?”

“The crown prince’s residence in Heavenly Wind Empire.”

Qian’er’s face turned pale. She shook her head and said, “No… Don’t send me back… You’re a good person. Don’t send me back, please…”

Her whole body trembled with fear at the mention of the crown prince.

“Qian’er, you can’t run forever. There are some people and things that have to be faced bravely, and the people who wronged you should be punished.”