But if Gu Bailu did let him in, should he help save her baby this time?

Naturally, he didn’t want to save it, which would be best for him and Bai Yunyi.

But if he didn’t save the baby, there would be no way that Prince Zi would spare him.

While Mr. Xiao was hesitating, Gu Bailu’s weak voice came from the room. “There’s nothing Mr. Xiao can do. You also had to make the same choice last time, didn’t you? I’m so useless, something always happens…”

“Lulu! The baby is too little! If anything happens to you, it won’t survive. Don’t do anything stupid!” Feng Qingtian’s eyes were bloodshot.

He couldn’t go in yet. He was afraid of Gu Bailu’s choice.

He was afraid that she would do something that he wouldn’t be able to accept.

“The doctor…” Gu Bailu trailed off.

A maid who was kneeling on the side said, “The doctor said that he can make a pill that will keep my lady alive until the baby is born; it’s just that my lady will be in a coma during this time…”

Feng Qingtian roared, “What are you talking about? How can she give birth when she’s so weak? Lulu, don’t do anything stupid. You’ll only get yourself and the baby killed.”

The maid said again, “The doctor said that he can cut her belly and take the baby out when the baby is eight months old.”

“No! D*mn that doctor! Lulu, listen to me. Let Mr. Xiao go in and check you.” As he spoke, Feng Qingtian released his spiritual power to break the barrier.

But Gu Bailu’s barrier was too tricky and strange, and it would take time for him to crack it.

“My lord, Ms. Gu has passed out. You need to make a decision, or both she and the baby will die,” said the old doctor rather anxiously.

Feng Qingtian’s head was a complete mess. He believed that Mr. Xiao definitely had a way to keep both of them safe.

“Useless doctor, open the door! If you dare do anything rash, I’ll kill your entire family!” Feng Qingtian was fuming, but he couldn’t break in.

“My lord, please make a decision. Ms. Gu can’t hold on,” the old doctor insisted despite Feng Qingtian’s threat.

When Feng Qingtian heard this, he was so anxious that a fiery phoenix appeared behind him and smashed into the barrier. The invisible barrier broke apart, and Feng Qingtian kicked down the door and rushed in.

Gu Bailu was lying on the bed with a heater in her hands. Two maids were holding an old doctor at knife point.

Not expecting Feng Qingtian to crack her barrier so quickly, Gu Bailu looked at him, dumbfounded.

D*mn, this was awkward. Caught in the act!

She hadn’t put on a disguise yet.

Feng Qingtian rushed to her and examined her. “Lulu… Are you and the baby okay?”

His eyes were still red. His handsome face which was usually calm was now full of worry.

He finally relaxed when he saw that she was fine.

“How did you unlock the barrier?” Gu Bailu asked after being dazed for a moment.

“I don’t know. I was in a hurry and just undid it. What are you doing?” Feng Qingtian finally noticed the doctor held at knife point on the side and the two trembling maids.