Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 553 - One Body, Two Deaths

If Feng Qingtian really loved her, he would’ve destroyed the pill to protect her, instead of asking for her opinion after she woke up.

He knew her too well not to foresee that she would choose the baby’s life over her own.

That way, he could save the baby and she wouldn’t hate him for it.

What he really cared about was the baby.

Touching her abdomen, Gu Bailu said, “Baby… I really don’t want you to be a tool; that would be too cruel to you.”

Gu Bailu was in no mood to train that night, so she simply went to bed.

Naturally, she had a dream. It was similar to what Bai Yunyi described, but she finally saw the face of the man who stabbed her in the end when she was being tortured in the Fire of Hell – it was Gu Yunjing’s face!

Gu Yunjing… Why him? Why?

Right, Gu Yunjing and Feng Qingtian had always had a complicated relationship ever since she met them, sometimes hostile and sometimes friendly.

Did Gu Yunjing really love her?

Everything might just be an act.

He was willing to send his shadow, which had accompanied him for so long, to put on a show with Feng Qingtian at the risk of a heavenly retribution. Did he really do that for her?

He probably did it so that she could give birth to Feng Qingtian’s baby.

After she woke up, Gu Bailu thought of many things by the window. She hated to assume the worst of people, and she wanted to regard Gu Yunjing and Feng Qingtian as good guys who really liked her.

She shouldn’t suspect those who were nice to her of ulterior motives just based on Bai Yunyi’s side of the story.

She should confirm it.

At dawn the next day, Gu Bailu had Ah Luo deliver a message to Prince Zi’s house to say that her life was at risk due to an accident in her training which was causing her blood to flow backward, and that either her or the baby would die.

Gu Bailu had passed out, and Ah Luo couldn’t make the decision, so she went to Feng Qingtian for help.

Feng Qingtian didn’t attend the morning audience at the royal palace today. Hearing that Ah Luo had come, he met her in a hurry.

His face turned pale after Ah Luo told him about the accident, and he flashed over to the Gu house.

In the house, Gu Bailu’s room was shielded by a barrier that nobody could pass through.

The doctors and the maids were all kneeling on the ground and trembling. “My lady just woke up. She told us to keep you from entering the room even if you came, my lord. She… she wants to save the baby…”

Feng Qingtian kicked the door anxiously, only to be blocked by the barrier. It would take him a quarter of an hour to dispel the barrier, but he didn’t have time.

Feng Qingtian shouted anxiously, “Lulu, cancel the barrier! Mr. Xiao is here! He definitely has a solution!”

The doctors here were useless; he would kill all of them if Gu Bailu died under their hands.

Mr. Xiao frowned as he looked at this scene, and he wondered if he should let Bai Yunyi know; the other man certainly wouldn’t want Gu Bailu to die.

But leaving this woman alive would be a disaster; it wasn’t a bad thing if both she and the baby died.

She should have been able to live for a few more months with the pill. How did something happen to her again?