But she had to. She was the only woman Feng Qingtian could touch. Though Yan Anchun had used a secret technique to create a soul identical to hers, judging from Feng Qingtian’s attitude toward Yan Anchun, it was possible that he couldn’t really touch her.

Gu Bailu wasn’t in the mood to ask further questions. She simply chatted with Bai Yunyi and saw him off after the tea’s effect wore off.

“I don’t know why I keep talking about the past with you. Just consider it a story. Don’t be scared,” said Bai Yunyi regretfully when he saw her pale face.

“It’s nothing scary. Compared with horror stories, that’s just an intriguing love drama,” said Gu Bailu with a smile.

After Bai Yunyi left, she locked herself in her room to sort out her complicated past life.

First, she wrote down the names of Feng Qingtian, Gu Yunjing and Bai Yunyi, as well as her own name.

In her previous life, mankind offered her as a sacrifice to Bai Yunyi of Heavenly Palace Cliff. Bai Yunyi accepted her and, in defiance of Heavenly Emperor Feng Qingtian’s will, only unleashed a cataclysm on mankind instead of annihilating them.

The Heavenly Emperor was infuriated when he found out and locked Bai Yunyi and her in Soul Caging Tower.

In Soul Caging Tower, she and Bai Yunyi relied on each other, and Bai Yunyi taught her to cultivate. They lived a pleasant life, and she grew by the day. Hundreds of years later, she became an adorable and beautiful young woman with a high cultivation.

The Taibai Deity calculated that she was the only woman who could bear the Heavenly Emperor a child, so Gu Bailu and Bai Yunyi were set free.

She won the Heavenly Emperor’s affections and lived in the palace on Heavenly Palace Cliff with him. He indulged her and she loved him.

But later, the heavens ordered the Heavenly Emperor to annihilate mankind once again, and the Heavenly Emperor gave Bai Yunyi the decree.

Gu Bailu tried to talk the Heavenly Emperor out of issuing the decree, but the Heavenly Emperor wouldn’t listen to her. With no other choice, she went to plead with Bai Yunyi, and Bai Yunyi defied the Heavenly Emperor once again for her.

When the Heavenly Emperor found out, he imprisoned Bai Yunyi in the Fire of Hell and tortured him. It was possible that Gu Bailu had done many things for Bai Yunyi, but the Heavenly Emperor was unwilling to release Bai Yunyi. Their relationship soured since then.

One could never see their lover clearly until their heart turned cold. So, she realized that the Heavenly Emperor was nice to her only because she could bear him a child.

So, she was angry and killed the Heavenly Emperor.

After killing the Heavenly Emperor, she was tortured in the Fire of Hell and her soul shattered. Then… her parents appeared to save her?

Then the problem remained… Who was Gu Yunjing?

Gu Yunjing didn’t exist in Bai Yunyi’s description of events.

Also, were her parents deities above as well?

She liked Feng Qingtian but never dared to commit to him precisely because of what happened in her previous life. The pain didn’t fade even after she lost her memories, and instead lingered in the depths of her soul.

Closing her eyes, Gu Bailu heaved a heavy sigh. Was that really the truth?

Bai Yunyi had told her everything after drinking Qian’er’s tea. He couldn’t be lying.

She thought carefully and realized that Feng Qingtian had always been anxious about the child.