Given her personality, Gu Bailu felt that there was no way she could’ve ignored Bai Yunyi and left him in the Fire of Hell when he had been so kind to her.

The reason why she never visited Bai Yunyi and simply abandoned him in the Fire of Hell was probably that Feng Qingtian, or the Heavenly Emperor, had prevented her from doing so. Their conflict then escalated, until she killed Feng Qingtian in a fury.

“I certainly don’t believe it. Yan Anchun loved the Heavenly Emperor. Why would she kill him for me? She simply learned the truth and couldn’t accept it.”

There was sorrow and regret in Bai Yunyi’s eyes as he recalled the past. “If I had risked it and told her the truth at the beginning, everything might’ve been different. But I was scared that she would think I was trying to drive a wedge between them, and then cut off ties with me, so I never said anything.”

“What truth?”

Gu Bailu was alarmed. She actually thought that she killed Feng Qingtian to avenge Bai Yunyi, as well as for other reasons… Otherwise, how could she be that ruthless, when she loved Feng Qingtian?

“Yan Anchun loved the Heavenly Emperor. Her love was real, intense and unwavering. Of course, the Heavenly Emperor’s bearing was worthy of her affections. But what she didn’t know was that the Heavenly Emperor indulged her and wanted her because she was the only woman who had the same magnetic field as he did and who could give him a child.”

Gu Bailu’s heart turned heavy. “Are you saying that the Heavenly Emperor never loved her? He was only using her as a tool to bear him a baby?”

“I don’t know whether he loved her or not. Nobody knows his heart. He’s far above everybody, and they can only look up to him. I was supposed to be imprisoned in Soul Caging Tower for all eternity for defying the Heavenly Emperor’s will. I was only released because the Taibai Deity calculated that the woman who could give him a child was precisely inside Soul Caging Tower.”

Bai Yunyi smiled bitterly. “Back then, I thought it was because the Heavenly Emperor was gracious that he set us free. But I was only released because of her.”

“That was in the past. Does Yan Anchun still have this value now?” Gu Bailu did her best to rein in her panic as she touched her belly.

A child? Just for a child?

“The Heavenly Emperor is still the Heavenly Emperor even if he has been reincarnated in the human world. But when all is said and done, he’s human now, and Heavenly Palace Cliff has a new master. It won’t be easy for him to return, so he needs his child’s power.”

Gu Bailu managed a smile. “Your story is getting more and more ridiculous. If what you say is true, what are you going to do?”

“Truth be told, I was sent by Heavenly Palace Cliff to prevent the Heavenly Emperor’s child from being born.”

“Then are you really going to be so heartless as to do something to her?” Gu Bailu was a little scared. So, the reason Heavenly Palace Cliff wouldn’t let her go, and rained down heavenly and hellish retributions on her, was to stop her and Feng Qingtian from being together and having a baby.

Bai Yunyi heaved a helpless sigh. “I can’t do anything to her, no matter how badly she treats me. I can only tell her the truth and advise her to leave; in this life, I’ll do what I didn’t do before.”