She had always felt that Feng Qingtian had to be the Heavenly Emperor, because she had always loved and lived with the Heavenly Emperor. It could only be Feng Qingtian.

But it also didn’t feel right. If she had killed Feng Qingtian, he should hate her very much. Why would he still love her?

“Why would you think that?” Feng Qingtian frowned.

“Just tell me. I’ll know sooner or later anyway.” Gu Bailu wanted to know what happened in her previous life.

“You’ll know everything once you recover your memories. Don’t believe anyone right now. Only your own memories are real.” Feng Qingtian petted her and said, “I have to go.”

Gu Bailu grabbed him. “Why are you afraid to tell me the truth?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but you wouldn’t believe me even if I did. In short, let me test Bai Yunyi first, alright?” Feng Qingtian lowered his head and kissed her deeply. “Don’t meet with Bai Yunyi again. I’m leaving.”

He disappeared after he said that, and Gu Bailu’s hand only grabbed air.

“D*mn it, you’re a fast runner. You clearly don’t want to tell me the truth. Big jerk, you were definitely the godd*mn Heavenly Emperor!”

Gu Bailu cursed the air.

He told her not to trust or meet with Bai Yunyi again, but why should she listen to him?

Someone who was unwilling to tell her the truth must have secrets.

Feng Qingtian must’ve been the Heavenly Emperor. That was the only explanation for why she was always wary of him and wouldn’t fall for him so easily when he was so nice to her.

They must have had a major conflict in their previous life, and Feng Qingtian must’ve hurt her deeply, or she wouldn’t have killed him.

Gu Bailu was still angry when she went back to her room. She got a basin of water and performed a divination, but failed to discover where Gu Yunjing was even after a long while.

It seemed Gu Yunjing was hiding too, as if he was scared that she might find him.

The news that Bai Yunyi had personally sent flowers to the Gu house, and that Ms. Gu invited him in for a meal, spread in Pale Emperor City.

Everybody was guessing when they would be married.

Bai Yunyi visited the next day with a pot of green peony. Gu Bailu was of a mind to turn him away. For her baby’s sake, she couldn’t let him find out that she was the one who hurt him in his previous life.

However… she really wanted to ask about everything to do with her previous life.

So, she still didn’t turn Bai Yunyi away this time.

Like before, she entertained Bai Yunyi warmly, and Bai Yunyi enjoyed a meal and a cup of the special tea, which only had goji and honey this time and no chrysanthemum flowers.

While Bai Yunyi was in a good mood, Gu Bailu asked, “You didn’t finish your story yesterday. You said that Yan Anchun was the Heavenly Emperor’s love. So, was Prince Zi the Heavenly Emperor?”

The tea’s effect had worn off by the time she asked the question yesterday, so Bai Yunyi hadn’t answered it.

Today, she had to get a definitive answer.

“Yes, Prince Zi was the Heavenly Emperor, but he’s just a lord right now. He’s not nearly as domineering as the Heavenly Emperor used to be. But I never thought he would still be clinging to Yan Anchun for his heir…”