What a critical strike!

With just a few words, Gu Bailu turned from rarely seen trash into a demon that was even rarer.

Her identity was now much more superior.

Why was she excited?

“You do have high hopes of me, Miss Nan.” Gu Bailu chuckled.

As she spoke, she felt power bubble up inside her body nonstop, reinvigorating her.

She didn’t understand why. It seemed that her skills had leveled up, and she had power that didn’t belong to her.

Was Ah Luo’s dream real, and the Snow Goddess Fruit really helped with the growth of a spirit root?

Forget it. She was supposed to level up in the first place, even though it was sooner than she expected.

Murong Cangjian said painfully, “Alright, if you’ve made up your mind, just do it. I’ll support you.”

The other people around them agreed. “Miss Murong sacrifices herself for the greater good.”

They all believed that Nan Ningxin would become Shao Zun’s wife after she went to the Earthly Residence. And that was exactly what she wanted.

They were all impressed by how she had obtained this.

Naturally, they fawned over her in case she considered them enemies.

Gu Bailu noticed Shao Zun’s thoughtful eyes. He seemed rather delighted.

She thought that she was probably going to be sold.

In such a world where spiritual power mattered, a pretty girl like her didn’t enjoy many privileges.

She suddenly missed her previous world, where beauty was truly appreciated.

Nan Ningxin nodded and walked over to Shao Zun, faint stubbornness on her face. “Shao Zun, you may give her to my grandfather now.”

Shao Zun pinched her cheek. “Yes, of course, but do you know the rules of the Earthly Residence?”

“I do.”

Nan Ningxin knew very well that the more unyielding she was, the more lofty the man’s sense of conquest.

“That’s good. I don’t want a treacherous subordinate under me.”

Shao Zun looked at Gu Bailu, only to discover her looking back at him with a smile instead of asking for help in a panic.

How unlovely. Shouldn’t she be begging him not to give her up right now?

“Aren’t you going to say something?” he raised an eyebrow and asked Gu Bailu.

“Will it change your mind?” Gu Bailu asked back.

Shao Zun looked at her and then at Nan Ningxin. “Both of you are beautiful, but she’s more useful than you in every aspect, so it probably won’t.”

“That’s right. If speaking helped, I could say ten thousand words to please you, but since it won’t, I don’t want to waste my time.”

Gu Bailu cast a spell and stepped back. Suddenly, she leapt and threw the runes that were in her hands.

The runes turned into sharp swords that scattered in all directions.

“Ah Luo, get to work!”

Receiving her instruction, Ah Luo got up and kicked the soldier who had tied her up before punching another.

The soldiers around her immediately fell into a mess.

“Garbage, you can’t get out of here,” somebody said furiously as he dodged Gu Bailu’s attack.

Gu Bailu sniffed. “Do you want to bet? If I get out of here, you’ll have to call me mama in the future.”