Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 549 - I Want To Tell Bai Yunyi

They could have discussed it and faced everything together. She wasn’t a weak woman who needed to be protected constantly.

Feng Qingtian pulled her into his arms and said, “It’s not like that. Did Bai Yunyi say anything to you? Did he recognize you?”

He was nervous. He didn’t know what Bai Yunyi thought of Gu Bailu.

He was scared that Bai Yunyi wanted revenge.

Back then, Bai Yunyi had indeed helped her, but she didn’t help him when he was tortured in the Fire of Hell.

Later, Feng Qingtian was told that Bai Yunyi’s anger had built to the point that he lost his mind, which was why he ordered Bai Yunyi’s soul destroyed.

“He didn’t recognize me. He simply told me what happened between him and Yan Anchun,” said Gu Bailu.

“Why would he tell you about his previous life with Yan Anchun?”

If Bai Yunyi hadn’t recognized her, why would he tell her such strange things?

Wasn’t he afraid that Gu Bailu would think he was crazy?

“I made something for him that would make him speak the truth. He didn’t recognize me. He thought that Yan Anchun was me, but…” Gu Bailu raised her head and said, “Even if he was sent from Heavenly Palace Cliff, I don’t want to lie to him anymore. I’m done hiding.”

“No… Lulu, we don’t know whether Bai Yunyi is friend or foe yet. We can’t let him know the truth.” Feng Qingtian’s expression changed drastically.

“Do you know the consequences of our pretense? Our child is now a b*stard, and I’m a sl*t… Most importantly, the empress dowager and the emperor like Bai Yunyi, and may have me marry him!”

Gu Bailu had thought a lot since Bai Yunyi left. She was afraid that the pretense would become real if she kept acting.

Besides, she owed Bai Yunyi too much for being so nice to her in both the previous life and this current one. She didn’t want to lie to him anymore, as that would make her a horrible person.

If Bai Yunyi wanted to retaliate against her after learning the truth, so be it.

After all, she did owe him, and she had to pay her debt.

“Lulu, are you truly doing this for that reason and not because he’s Bai Yunyi?” Feng Qingtian’s gaze was cold, his heart half-chilled.

Gu Bailu didn’t want to lie to him. She said frankly, “I don’t want to lie to him. He saved my life and was even family to me in my previous life!”

If they spent hundreds of years together in the previous life like Bai Yunyi said, she must’ve regarded Bai Yunyi as family even if she didn’t like him.

How could she lie to someone who cared for her so much?

“No, you can’t. Just wait a while longer. I’ll send Yan Anchun out as bait, and you can see how he reacts. He’s definitely here for revenge. You must consider the baby’s safety even if you don’t care about your own. The baby shouldn’t be hurt for something that happened a long time ago.”

What Feng Qingtian said made Gu Bailu hesitate for a moment.

If Bai Yunyi really was here for revenge, her baby certainly shouldn’t bear that fate.

Gu Bailu touched her abdomen softly. There was no telling if it was an illusion, but she actually felt that her baby had sensed her heavy heart and moved inside her.