Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 548 - Don“t Lie To Me

She pushed him away and said, “This will make our efforts all in vain.”

“I don’t care about that now.” Feng Qingtian hugged her tightly and said, “You’re mine. Nobody can take you from me. Lulu, why did you accept gifts from Bai Yunyi?”

The more he talked, the more agitated he got. He tightened his arms so hard that Gu Bailu could barely breathe.

“Let go of me! You’re hurting me!” Gu Bailu tried to push him away.

“No… I’ll never let you go!” Feng Qingtian was a little unhinged.

Unable to breathe, Gu Bailu coughed. “Are you trying to suffocate me?”

Feng Qingtian finally realized that he was too fierce. He hastily released her and stroked her back. “I’m… a little tense. Are you okay?”

“You almost strangled me…” Gu Bailu wasn’t happy that he had almost choked her, not to mention that she was angry at him in the first place.

“I”m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s my bad. I…” Feng Qingtian didn’t know how to explain himself.

When he thought that he might lose her, he couldn’t control his feelings at all, and just wanted to tie her to him.

“Just go back. If those people up there discover this, what we’ve been doing will be for nothing.” Still angry, Gu Bailu turned around and left.

This man should’ve considered the baby even if he didn’t want to consider her.

She was still pregnant, and his embrace could’ve hurt the baby.

“Lulu, promise me you won’t meet Bai Yunyi again, and I’ll go back.” Feng Qingtian tugged at her.

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Why can’t I meet Bai Yunyi? He was the one who saved my life at the most critical moment. Where were you back then? In your seat, as steady as ever.”

“Lulu, I was more concerned about you than anyone else. I was going to step in, but I was afraid that it would ruin the plan, so I hesitated a moment…”

That moment of hesitation gave Bai Yunyi an opportunity to approach Gu Bailu.

She now owed him a favor, and it was enough for her to grow fond of him.

Feng Qingtian didn’t want her to be fond of anyone, not Gu Yunjing and certainly not Bai Yunyi.

“Do you know that because of your hesitation, the baby and I might have no longer been in this world!” Gu Bailu took a deep breath and said, “Did you ever consider that if I had died then, there would be no need for your plan at all?”

“I…” Feng Qingtian hesitated.

Gu Bailu smiled and said, “You didn’t take action because you knew that Bai Yunyi wouldn’t watch me die, right?”

Feng Qingtian looked at her in surprise. “Why would you think that?”

“Bai Yunyi was very nice to me in our previous life, wasn’t he?” Gu Bailu stared at him and asked, “I killed the Heavenly Emperor to avenge him, didn’t I?”

Feng Qingtian’s face changed and he roared, “That’s nonsense, you didn’t kill the Heavenly Emperor because of him!”

“It doesn’t matter. I can ask Gu Yunjing if you won’t tell me. And even if Gu Yunjing won’t tell me, the day will come when I get back my memories, and the truth will be revealed. You’d better not be lying to me. I hate people who lie to me, and you’ve already done so once.”