Feng Qingtian narrowed his eyes, which were shockingly cold. “So he was there to send gifts?”

Why would Gu Bailu say that? What was her purpose?

Had she really not forgotten Bai Yunyi yet?

The more he thought about it, the more Feng Qingtian felt pained. Why was this happening? He had planned out everything.

Why did the third prince of the Bai family not come for Yan Anchun, but switched his focus to Gu Bailu instead?

He couldn’t have recognized Gu Bailu.

“Yes. He offered her a pot of Unparalleled Black Jade. Ms. Gu liked it and accepted it. She even invited him in for breakfast…”

Feng Qingtian clenched his fists. Breakfast!

Even he had never had breakfast in the Gu house.

Feng Qingtian couldn’t be any more jealous.


After the guard withdrew, Feng Qingtian lay on his bed and thought about the past.

Gu Bailu had been so protective of Bai Yunyi in their previous life that she even had a huge fight with him to ensure the guy’s safety. Was that going to happen again?

Then what was the point of everything he had done so far?

Picturing Gu Bailu and Bai Yunyi talking and laughing in the Gu house, Feng Qingtian itched to kill Bai Yunyi right away.

No! He couldn’t let that happen.

Feng Qingtian stood up and disappeared.

He reappeared in the garden of the Gu house, where Gu Bailu was taking a walk with Ah Luo.

Feng Qingtian stared at her back with clenched fists. He wanted to ask her why she responded to Bai Yunyi’s declaration and ignored his own feelings.

But he didn’t dare step forward. He simply stood where he was as he recalled the past.

He was scared…

He was scared that he would hurt her again because of his jealousy.

Sensing something unusual in the air, Gu Bailu turned around, only to see Feng Qingtian with his unparalleled face standing there like a dark ghost.

Looking around them, she frowned and asked, “Why are you here?”

Feng Qingtian stared at her, grievance practically flowing from his eyes.

He had been working so hard for them to be together, but from beginning to end, she had always been wary of him. He couldn’t enter her heart.

And right at this moment, Bai Yunyi made a magnificent appearance.

Feng Qingtian was really scared that Gu Bailu might abandon him for Bai Yunyi.

However, he really didn’t know how to stop it. He feared that he would hurt her like he did in their previous life, which had caused him agony as well and caused them to be separated for years.

Although they had plenty of time, he didn’t want to waste any of it.

Gu Bailu walked up to him and said, “Why aren’t you saying anything? Is it really okay for you to be here? What if someone sees you?”

Feng Qingtian rushed to her and held her in his arms. “I missed you. I don’t care.”