Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 546 - That“s Just His Wishful Thinking

But he had to admit that that had been the most lively and cheerful time at Heavenly Palace Cliff.

The deities were no longer as aloof or tried to one-up each other. Everybody got along peacefully.

Many deities missed life in the human world. However carefree they were as deities, they felt that something was missing.

After she appeared, she showed everyone the energy and enthusiasm they lacked.

In her they found the thing they were missing.

Later, when she pleaded on behalf of mankind, they also saw her grief and unwavering love for all things.

The deities didn’t have that either.

After she killed the Heavenly Emperor and was demoted to the human world, many deities at Heavenly Palace Cliff still missed her.

“Your story is very interesting, but you can’t just look at the surface. The things she stood firm on might have been more important than her feelings… After all, you said that she was extraordinary, right?”

After that, Gu Bailu turned around and went back into the house.

Bai Yunyi was dazed for a long time before he finally got into the carriage.

When the carriage passed Prince Zi’s house, Bai Yunyi stopped and stared at the magnificent building.

She was inside. The soul that he had been willing to abandon everything for was right there.

But why didn’t he love her as much as before?

His love seemed to have vanished after his soul was reassembled, but why were these memories carved so deep into his bones?

Perhaps, he needed to meet with her.

Bai Yunyi dropped the curtain and the carriage started moving again. After it left, a dark shadow quickly went to the study.

“My lord, the third prince of the Bai family just stopped in front of the house.”

Feng Qingtian walked out of the secret chamber and asked, “What did he do?”

“He looked at the house for a while before he left.”

“Tell all the guards to be extra vigilant. Report to me if anything happens.”

“Yes, my lord…”

Feng Qingtian clenched his fists. Bai Yunyi! Very good, you’re here again!

This time, I won’t let you get between us again.

You didn’t have her before, you won’t have her now.

“Wait, where did Bai Yunyi’s carriage come from?” asked Feng Qingtian.

The guard who was kneeling hesitated, and for a long while didn’t know how to answer.

Qin Shou and General Ye had ordered that he should only report good news about Ms. Gu.

His lord had been able to endure so far only because Ms. Gu had been training in seclusion.

If his lord learned that Ms. Gu had already accepted the third prince of the Bai family…

“Speak!” Feng Qingtian roared.

“He came from the Gu house.”

Feng Qingtian clenched his fists and closed his eyes. Don’t be afraid. Gu Bailu is carrying your baby. She’s not an adulterous woman. There’s nothing between them.

Even though the man had declared that he would marry her, that was just his wishful thinking.