Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 545 - The Past at Heavenly Palace Cliff 2

“She murdered the Heavenly Emperor.”

So, she did kill the Heavenly Emperor. Feng Qingtian wasn’t lying.

“Didn’t you say that she and the Heavenly Emperor were in love? Why did she kill the Heavenly Emperor?”

“I don’t know. The details have already been erased, because it was the most humiliating thing in Heavenly Palace Cliff.”

The Heavenly Emperor was killed by a human being.

That was a huge slap in the face to Heavenly Palace Cliff.

“After the new Heavenly Emperor was crowned, everything was over, but her retribution lingered.”

“What’s the reason for her retribution?”

“Murdering the Heavenly Emperor was an intolerable crime. Her soul was kept intact only because many deities offered up their godhood. Like I said, they all liked her… Even so, it wasn’t easy for the heavens to forgive her…”

“So, she has continued to be punished by the heavens?”

That was rather unsettling. If she had been spared years ago, why couldn’t they let her live in peace?

“There are many complicated reasons. It’s not the will of the heavens, but… Heavenly Palace Cliff doesn’t want her or the Heavenly Emperor to go back, so she has to die.”

Gu Bailu was stunned. “Wait… What do you mean by her and the Heavenly Emperor? How can she go back? Also, isn’t the Heavenly Emperor dead?”

Bai Yunyi rubbed his face and said, “If she can be reincarnated after her death, the Heavenly Emperor certainly can as well.”

“Are you implying that the Heavenly Emperor is Prince Zi? Otherwise why would she be together with Prince Zi?” asked Gu Bailu carefully.

Bai Yunyi shook her head. “I can’t tell you that. However… do you believe the things I said?”

Gu Bailu scoffed. “Of course not. That’s just a story you made up. You’re not sincere at all.”

“However, even if she can’t be with Prince Zi, I will never allow Prince Zi to lay hands on you anymore,” Bai Yunyi suddenly said solemnly.

Gu Bailu smiled at him. “Enough nonsense! Don’t tell this to anyone else, or they’ll laugh at you.”

“Yes. It’s all past absurdities.” Bai Yunyi didn’t know why he wanted to tell Gu Bailu everything about the past when she asked him.

He thought that he was being so frank because he was deeply in love with Gu Bailu.

Little did he know that it was actually because of the tea.

Gu Bailu said in amusement, “You love Princess Zi so much?”

“Like I said, it’s all in the past. I don’t love her anymore.”

He missed her when he was being tortured in the Fire of Hell, but she turned out to be so cold. He was already tired.

He loved her for hundreds of years and did so many things for her, but she never visited him once.

Also, it was probably a result of his soul being reassembled, but he had less feelings for Yan Anchun now.

“Actually… Did it ever occur to you that maybe she killed the Heavenly Emperor to avenge you?” When Gu Bailu saw Bai Yunyi off, she suddenly said the words.